Hidan's weakness is genjutsu ??


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I was wondering if Hidan's ''return the favor'' no jutsu also applies to mental damage.

As we all know, Itachi's tsukiyomi is to mental rape the opponent.

I assume this also goes for other genjutsu's.

Would that mean if you get Hidan under a genjutsu spell he'd be alot easier to deal with ?

For instance of izumo happens to know some genjutsu and he used it on Hidan, would Asuma be effected too ??

This way they atleast have a relatively easy way to interrupt Hidan's ceremony.
I think moving Hidan out of his circle bares more consequences than we might expect. By moving Hidan from his circle, I reckon you'd interrupt the ceremony right?
Motives for this are that Shikamaru will have a plan based on Hidan's religion and the fact that Hidan is very serious about his ceremony not being interrupted.

*Kakuzu is out of this story, due the fact hidan doesn't want him to interfere.
this has been brought up before

you can say every1 is weak to genjutsu since we honestly havnt seen any good genjutsu being casted in a while and therefore rarely do we see ppl show counters to it

pretty boring imo if u just gejutsu him to bypass the immortality thing, totally devaluing the whole point of being a s-class wanted criminal
I'm talking about decent/high level genjutsu.

Myabe kurenai will be the backup:nuts.

They were questions anyways :omg
What's that snickers?

Hidan is in Akatsuki you say :omg ?!!?!
I'm accually wondering this myself if so he could be spared till sakura gets some good genjutsu. she can beat him alone if shik tell her his weak pts but i doubt they will fight.
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