Hidan, Tayuya & Deidara vs Sasori, Jiroubou & Gai


Sannin Battlefield, Tayuya is in CS2 from the start as is Jiroubou.

Who wins?
Tayuya and Jirobou aren't even needed in this fight; they'd just get in the way. But Sasori's team would win with some ease if Deidara's C4 is not allowed.
i am sure sasori has the skill to cut off hidans head and the fact that sasori doesnt breathe if deidera uses c4 then its him vs sasori and sasori wins. will not go that far though since sasori has gai

and the other two fodder have no bearing on the ultimate outcome.
I love how Jiroubou and Tayuya are put in this fight when they are probably fodder to people at the level of Sasori, Deidara, and even Gai.
Its realistically a 2v2. Jiroubo and Tayuya are outmatched here. Deidara's C4 could be trouble, but I have no idea how it would affect puppet who doesn't breathe. Sasori would stomp Hidan...there is a very slim chance that Hidan could hit Sasori's heart to obtain the blood needed for the ritual. On the other hand, Gai stands no chance against someone of Deidara's caliber. I'd say Team Sasori wins, but it honestly could go in either direction.
I dont think any of those dudes are smart enough to do to hidan what shika did. also dei has a great advantage flying, so i'll go with team Hidan.
Tayuya and Jirōbō are fairly unimportant: Tayuya could only really be effective with low sound levels, and having Deidara on her team spells the end for that idea. Even then I wouldn't count on her to do anything impressive against Sasori or even, to be honest, Gai.

The most important factor here is Hidan's immortality, as it apparently has the unusual trait that it protected him from being consumed in Kakuzu's katon: zukokku and similar yet did nothing to help him against Shikamaru's exploding tags. Would he remain in one piece in the midst of C3 #18? That is the key question, because Deidara is going to fly onto his bird with Tayuya and throw it down. He can't really take Hidan with him – he needs him to stay on the ground to waste a few seconds. Hidan would be happy to do that if he's confident that he's untouchable.

If #18 is deployed, then Jirōbō is finished (doton defence would not be sufficient), as is Gai. Sasori would be wise enough to try to protect himself with satetsu, and I'd bet would survive. Hidan may or may not, as we seem to have conflicting evidence. From there on satetsu against Deidara's C2 dragon would be the question, and Sasori unfortunately hasn't shown enough range – he might be able to outlast Deidara though.

It's a close call, I think. Even if Hidan survives, he can't do all that much against Sasori. (And vice versa, though.)
the thing is, Deidara has not shown that he would immediately resort to using c3 and especially c4 unless its for an EXTREME distraction. In character, Deidara is a bit cocky as is hidan. this would end up in them doing something stupid, which would result in Sasori and Gai creaming them/
In a lot of cases I'd agree with you, Shoddragon, but Deidara is facing Sasori. They have worked on the same team, and Deidara considers Sasori his superior. He also knows Sasori's style, and so will not use C4 Garuda. Deidara will immediately know that his only chance against Sasori is to use C3 #18, and the chances are that Sasori will also immediately be expecting just that.
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