Heroes of the Past vs Akatsuki

Who would win if they fought each other

  • Full akatsuki team excluding Madara or tobi

    Votes: 7 23.3%
  • Orochimaru with Tsunade and Jirariya

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • Shodai, Nidaime, sandaime and yondaime

    Votes: 22 73.3%

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Can Heroes of the past take full assault from Akatsuki?

All the members of akatsuki on scene.
Can the legendary sannins take Full Akastuki team excluding Madara?


Can Shodai,Nidaime, Sandaime and Yondaime take on Full team of Akatsuki ?

or is that asking too much? they are too outnumbered, too overpowered..too overskilled ..or Pein and itachi can take those guys out by themselves.....
The sannin would have a hard time taking on Itachi given recent revelations such as Susano-o, let alone take on the entire akatsuki.

The Hokages if together would stand a very good chance of defeating them, IMO.
but they were known as legendary sannins cuz how they fought together.Not as individuals. Plus with Tsunade with medical abilites to heal jman?
Refering to the last part of your post, it sorta' is too many numbers. I'd say, Minato, Sarutobi, and the Shodai are needed just to defeat Pain, Itachi, and Tobi. That means, you got seven or eight other dudes for Nidaime to hold off, and that's pretty whack. With weapons like the Shinigami at hand though and Madara out of the picture, I think the Hokage would get pretty close to winning, but they wouldn't beat all of them.
As there is such little known about the past hokages, it is really hard to say. We know a few of their abilties as well as the basis to their moves, but to the extent and exact detail is unknown. THe same goes for members of Akatsuki as I believe we have not seen the full extent of Kisame, Zetsu, Konan, Madara, as well as Pain as well.

-This is a thread that would also probably be better suited for the manga battledomes if the circumstances were involved, but as I have stated there is too much unknown to really draw a conclusion-
dude this is hard. wait:
Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, Konan, Zetsu, Kisame, Itachi
is pein coming too?
I don't know man, the kage team is hell though but all of the guests are though.
If pein is coming, I think akatsuki would win. I mean all they need is some blood and Hidan can finish them, yup Hidan's useful here. Also Susano'o is a killer. we've got 100 puppets, and Kakuzu's masks but Deidara and Kisame aren't that good with teamwork.

in the sannin corner however:
We've got boss summons, swamp of the underworld, incredible medical jutsu, and perhaps more chakra than akatsuki together?

the hokage team I don't know. Of course the brothers are together very powerful. Sarutobi's get Enma, here also Gamabunta is walking around.

it is hard, it makes me think...very nice thread yeah. I tend to say sannin for their teamwork but in that case: they were Hanzou's level together! Hanzou needs to have a sick trick but still all of Akatsuki got sick tricks.

I'll let you guys persuade me.
The Akatsuki do not function as a team. They function as individual mercenaries with selfish motives. All that is necessary is to break their line of allegiance, and a battle royale amongst them will come to be.

and the pairings aren't co-op buddies, if somebody refutes.
Well if the sannins are the best at teamwork they may have a chance of winning. Like the saying goes, a champion team will beat a team of champions.
Hokages have more numbers and would stand a better chance.. the numbers disadvantage the good guys. But teamwork would be a big factor also. Its troublesome for the good guys either way. If you team the Sannin and Hokages they would destroy Akutski
Sannin can win this...if they done it right.

Buy time for Jiraiya to go Hm and frog song the whole akatsuki.

What you gonna do with badly sung music coming at you at 300km/h ?

You gonna do nothing, you gonna die.
in the sannins vs akatsuki...the sannins only possibility to win is the frog song......without it no other jutsu that they got can beat the whole akatsuki
in the hokages vs akatsuki....i dunno how the hokages can win.....i think akatsuki would win this one
Seems obvious to me that the Hokage's would take care of business.

As far as the numbers game? We know that Minato has defeated 50 shinobi, of undisclosed experience...chunin/jounin?, with no effort. We also know he was feared more than any other enemy to Konoha. We also know that he took down the Kyubi.

Shodai has Madara's number. Assuming Madara is the most powerful/leader. That's a good sign.

Sarutobi surpassed both of his predecessors and at the age of 69 fought and defeated two kage level shinobi, and disabled one sanin/elite jounin.

Don't know how the battle would go, nor could I predict how many kage's may loose their life in the battle, but I say the kage's take the day decisively.
yes hokages will own this i wish somebody would actually make an episode or something along the lines of this it would be the best
The hokages would take Atatsuki on easly Enma his self would take out half of Atatsuki by breaking all there necks
Well if J-man knows Pein's identity, we know that Jiraiya would be able to defeat him. That leaves 2 Sannin for 8 other Akatsuki which is just too much. I say give the Sannin Hanzou (based on speculation) and Sarutobi and/or Minato and you have a hell of a fight on your hands.
Uh...Shodai and Yondaime take it alone? Hiraishin is > sharingan, Deidara, Kakuzu. Hell Yondaime solos in about 8 seconds tops...May need Shodai's help with Madara, MAYBE.
Shodai died due to illness, yet he was never said to have been defeated. Nidaime, on the other hand, was said to have died in the war after he selected Sarutobi for Hokage at the age of twelve. Yondaime is a mystery. Godaime...same as Yondaime.

Then we have Akatsuki. It must be noted that Pein defeated Hanzou, a shinobi who was renowned for his skill throughout the world and was said by Jiraiya to be an opponent he couldn't see one single shinobi defeating. Yet, judging by what Pein said in regards to his victory over Jiraiya, it's safe to assume that if his secret leaks out to any of the Hokages a tire above him, then they would stand a chance in taking him out. But then you have the rest of Akatsuki power-houses such as Itachi, Kisame, Sasori, Kukuzu, Hidan, Zetsu, Deidara and Konan.

The Hokages have the speed, power and medical advantage in my opinion. There's just too many numbers on the Akatsuki side, though. Itachi and Pein both would be too formidable for just one Hokage. That would leave three remaining for the seven Akatsuki. It's a difficult battle to speculate logically since there are too many unknown factors, but I believe Akatsuki would take this. Madara/Tobi included would just make their victory set in stone...
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