Hawk Guts(Berserk) vs Kenshin(RK)

Berserkhawk z

Destiny's struggler
This is band of the hawk Guts before he became the Black swordsman versus Kenshin back when he was a manslayer who killed and before he learned his masters ultimate technique, this is how the scenario goes.

The band of the hawk are about to start a raid when suddenly they are teleported for some reason in front of Kenshin and his allies before a massive battle.

Confused both sides charge at each other bloodlusted and both Guts and Kenshin leap into combat slaying as many as they can from the opposite side then they both catch each others eyes, each sensing the others skills they look at each other and realize how skilled their opponent is.

A circle then forms around Kenshin and Guts through every soldier sensing the skill of these two warriors, they both look at each other about ten steps away, as sweat drops down their faces from a combination of the tension and fear of their opponents skill, each looks their opponent from head to toe and prepares his own stance in preparation to strike.

The field then grows quiet and they strike who wins?
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