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Hashirama Senju vs Juubito


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Also remember SM Naruto is able to harm him with a rasengan. And Obito is overpowered by an inferior Majestic Attire Susanoo + Kurama then the one Hashirama defeated.


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Juubito stomps. Hashirama has nothing that can even hurt him, Juubito traps Hashi in a six red yang formation and quad juubidamas him out of existence.

It's as simple as that, the man stated he is stronger than him for a reason.


Juubito should win

Given that unstable Juubito was shown breaking Hashirama gates without much issues

And Obito much better healing and Jutsus should give Obito the win at worst mid difficulty since Obito shouldn't get talk no Jutsu or have his will weaken which only reason why he lost as lost control of the Juubi

And Hashirama admit that Obito was stronger than him


I just look at em' sideways and figure eight.
I think Hashirama can beat Juubi Jinchuuriki Obito in base tbh.

He has no feasible manner of countering the Tree Golem that's significantly stronger than anything that Juubi Jinchuuriki Obito has cannonically extruded.

Hashirama likely wins mid difference.

Draco Bolton

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Juubito neg diff. SM Hashirama admitted inferiority to braindead Juubito (<<<<Juubito full power) after witnessing braindead Juubito feats (against his giants toriis spamm (who negged Juubi). Braindead Juubito negged them+Hokage barrier). Juubito is faster, more durable, better regen, more lethal weapons (black matter, nunoboko sword), unironically better Mokuton (Shinju), 4 Giga TBB+barrier combo, Infinite Tsukiyomi...

It's Hashirama who will have the least right to make mistakes in addition to all these disadvantages (he doesn't have the power to kill a Juubi Jin, nor the hax to extract Biju (Naruto (the one having this special hax) needed Sasuke and the whole alliance alliance (doped by Kyuubi chakra) to extract the Bijus from an Obito weakened by tnj).

So Founders wank has gotten this bad huh? I tried to warn you people before it came to this, but here we are

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