Has the death of a pet made you cry?


Well, I just found out that one of my turtles died. I feel so fucked up. But I'm not crying. I'm just pissed, and sad, but I have no tears. This is a first for me, because the last time i had a pet die was two years ago, another turtle, and I did cry, and the other pet deaths that I've had before too. So yea, is anyone the kind of person that cries when they lose a pet?
yes.. huhuuhu... its been 5 yrs since I my last pet dog died... he was 18 yrs old.. fwk
Every time :uwah

My hamster
my bird
my cat
My aunt's golden retriever
My aunt's otherdogican'trememberthebreedof
My aunt's kitties (there were two killed by a dog T______T I loved them)

& etc.. :(
I had a bird that died, and I loved him so :cry

I am not sure if I cried, but the thought of him dying made me cry. One of my other pets also disspeared and that made me cry too :cry
Yes, twice. We kept outdoor cats, and for the most part, they're pretty smart about staying the hell away from the road.

When Martin died, I was about 6 or 7. So yeah, I cried.

Penelope's death was hard, though. We had her since I was 4, and she died when I was 15 or so. Not only were we very attached to her, she was pregnant when she died.
My dog ate my budgee
and my goldfish died
then my dog got ran over and i don't if i cryed because i was only like 3 =[
I don't remember if I cried whne all my gold fish died as a kid- but I don't like my dog enough to cry.
Yes, I was about 7 when I lost a favorite dog.

Nowadays, I take good care of them, so that they don't have to bite the dust too soon.
Yes, I had a dog for almost ten years, and when he died, it was terrible. No one to take for a walk, no one to pet, no dog sleeping by your feet in your bed, nothing, so it was very empty. I dread for the day my current dog will die . . . :(
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