Happy Birthday Tenten!

Brooke Logan

B&B's heroine since 1987
Today is her birthday, so wish her a happy one!

I don't know what she'd want for a gift, so I'm just going to say, a meal of her favorite foods is what I'd give.:)

We need a Tenten icon. She'd make a cute icon, her little buns would be pretty cute.:amuse And yeah, the hair buns, not the other ones....well, at least not to me anyway.smile-big

So I will use her teacher's face for the icon for this.:amuse
Best female character because she's the most chinese-like, like me. Reminds me of Chun-Li.

The best present we can give her is more SCREENTIME. :nuts
Happy Birthday TenTen! :kloff

*presents a half-naked Neji with ribbons* I offer you a present. :awesome
Nooooooooooo....1010 and I are sharing the fucking birthday :arg

Happy Birthday, Pucca! I hope you get some screentime and character development :pek
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