Hannibal Uchiha


Crouching Tiger
Since "Itachi Lecter", "Lecter Uchiha" or other such variations sound even worse to the tongue...

(EDIT: Though Silence of the Weasel or something like thta could have worked better; Damn it!)

Anyway, I have brought up a couple of times in the past the idea that Itachi will not only live, but be captured by Konoha. They are there to brign him in for questioning, and as absurd as it sounded when they first said it it looks like now Itachi is vulnerable enough that they could do it. He's Blind, Bloody and Unconscious, and he's failed to get Sasuke's eyes.

Sasuke is in a position to kill him, weakened as he is, but given that there are still Snakes slithering arounf there I don't think it's much of a stretch to imagine that Oro has indeed survived Susanoo and is about to take over Sasuke once again.

Team Konoha shows up- Madara has likely let them go, less likely faked a defeat- and we either see this first or we see this in brief flashback after Team Konoha shows up. Orosuke laughs and runs off (he's too weak right now to take them all on at once) and a despairing Team Konoha takes Itachi back.

And thus we come to the title of this thread. Uchiha Itachi, Mass Murderer and International Terrorist, is Blind and Beaten and brought in for Questioning.
We know his loyalties to Akatsuki are fickle- the more insightful of us saw this coming for a while (not to sound too egotistical but this includes me, half a year ago if not more)- and that he's really planning on surpassing Madara. Seeing his Leader and Teacher fulfill their plans for World Domination while he is left without his Eyesight is not the way he wantshis story to end, and so he co-operates with Konoha.

All the while manipulating them further. Itachi plans to escape that prison and get Sasuke's eyes, still, but in his current condition that is no easy task. Konoha will become his Arms and Legs, the Weapons he will use to carve out a Bloody and Glorious Triumph out of this sorry state of affairs. Just imagine what will happen when Konoha learns that Madara is the one behind it all, and whatever other diabolical secrets Itachi has on his organization.

And Pain is coming for Naruto, and one of his Bodies is now (or soon will be) with the Leaf. What will happen then? Whatever it is, it's all part of Itachi's plan....

He will end up alive and well, and will take Sasuke's (Madara's?!?) eyes befoere this is all done, and on the side will have a nice cianti.
Capturing is one thing; I see Itachi turnig the tables on everyone and playing mind games to get what he wants.

It also ties in with my idea that Itachi will be the Final Villain (not neccesarily the Strongest or most Dangerous- "Final" as in still alive after Madara and Pain are defeaed, and Sasuke still wants revenge and fights him to get it).
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