Halibel is the 3rd Ranked Espada.

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Alright we have been introduced to the espadas. We have seen the ranks from 10 to 4. However there is a lot of specualtion surrounding the rank of Halibel, Stark and the old man.

But as far as ranks go I'm more interested in Halibel, And i believe I have good enough proof that she is Espada # 3.

We know that Espadas have ranks somewhere on the body but Halibel's case is a little different,Her number is actually seen in plain view but i guess many poeple would miss the hidden message.

Please observe this first pic of halibel and the area enclosed in a red ellipse.

At first glance, there are what the are, beautiful looking breasts, however what MOST people missed was the subtle hint of Halibel's breast. Some parts were shown and her shirt cut it off at just about the right area.

Okay, I made the the outline to where Halibel's breast are shown, i stopped outlining right where the breasts meet her shirt.


Now After i rotated the pic the outline for her breasts inside the ellipse actually form a number.

And if you look carefully enough you'll notice bthat the number is in fact a 3

SO there i have proven that Halibel is the 3rd ranked espada. Thank you for reading.
possible...yet really utterly retarded if a creator did actually do that...and ill laugh that she is not 3..cause i think old man is 3
LMFAO...OP, that was brilliant :awesome

lol @ the people who take this as a serious theory ._. dim
yeah since zommari is #7 due to being black and nnoitra was #5 due to being overly wild and a brawler, then clearly halibel being a female is #3. stark is lazy so #2. old espada is old so #1. its all clear now
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