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Hey there I'm from romania and i've got 3 amv for you...i know that the amv's are not so good or awesome but...anyway i would like all of you to watch it ...(sorry for my lame english i'm not that good at writting but i'm good at reading....well now
This is my very fist amv after jiraiya death...
R.I.P Jiraiya,tribute to a hero...THe song is Number one a bleach ost :p
YouTube - R.I.P Jiraiya,tribute to a hero

My second amv is a long one....and it's called
Naruto & Gaara Amv(We are the same)...
The 1 song is Evanescense-Bring me to life...and the second is Simple Plan-Me against the world :) YouTube - Naruto & Gaara Amv(We are the same)

And Finally my 3 amv is a tribute to the bonds between Naruto and Sasuke's called simple
Naruto vs. Sasuke Bonds
YouTube -Naruto vs. Sasuke Bonds
The song is Numb..linkin park ;) ...gomen again for my lame english ....
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