Grey vs Sasuke

Current Grey (Fairy Tail) vs Sasuke. Speed is equal. How does this go? No prep, no bloodlust. Also, who is a better character?

If they have the same speed, then Grey's ice powers would eventually win against Sasuke.

Even if Grey is losing, he can do the self sacrificial ice form, at least getting a draw.

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Shodai, Seiko

in b4 fail
Ice Bazooka leaves Sasuke dead. He has better feats of brute strenth as well, considering he's stronger than Natsu in terms of strength.
Speed is equal? Then Grey has this. His icemake is fucking fast and it's certaily very very durable and versatile. Enough to freeze Sasuke and then Ice Bazooka to the face.

As for better character, answer is obvious. Grey. Equally 'cool' but not some whiny emo ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".). He wins his battle with actual skill and effort rather than battling against handicapped or nerfed characters. Plus, he's an exibitionist and when he was a child he trained in blizzards. In boxers. If this isn't badass, then I don't know.

Also, he got one of the hottest chicks in Fairy Tail as his fangirl. What does Sasuke have? His p*d*p**** brother who's focused on his organs (and thus probably even a necrophile) who's after him. A hyperactive retard who fails at being ANYTHING in his own show who also happens to wear an orange jumpsuit and is about as much of a ninja as Sakura, Sauce's fail...err fangirl, is awesome.
Sasuke starts ranting about what genius' the Uchiha are right before Grey shoots him in the face with an Ice Cannon.

As for the second case, Grey easily. He's an exhibitionist and he's already been inside a woman, which is more then Sasuke could ever hope for.:hehee
Sasuke wouldn't last, plus his sacrificial move could end the match before it began. At the same speed, Sasuke loses what little advantage he's had.
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