Gif/Logos/help needed for website

I'm the owner of The site is new and went public 1-2 weeks ago. My former creative designer had to quit and cant help me anymore. The site graphics are very poor at this time. I'm looking for a lot of gif pictures. I dont expect for all the pictures to be made. Any help is greatly appreciated. Although i cannot pay with money im hoping we can work out another deal that i can offer, such as: free hosting for any pictures/videos/or files you have, a dedication page for you, forum admin/moderater, or any other reasonable offer. Feel free to look at the website and see what kind of picture are needed and the content within them. If you can help please let me know. Thank You !!
Thank you! Ill PM with the picture sizes and requirements and then you guy can get started!
Regards, RoyalCreed
No i havent. If you would like to send me some samples you are very welcome to. By the way I sent you to both messages with the requirements around 4:30 pm 3-13-08. If you didnt receive them or have quesitons let me know
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