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we can discuss here about every mainly canon Tekken game, both quality and feats wise

let's name first, the winners from every Tekken game, so far

Tekken 1 Winner: Kazuya

Tekken 2 Winner: Heihachi

Tekken 3 Winner: Jin (defeats True Ogre)

Tekken 4 Winner: Jin (defeats both Kazuya and Heihachi)

Tekken 5 Winner: Jin (defeats Jinpachi)

Tekken 6 Winner: Jin (defeats Azazel)

Tekken 7 Winner: it was basically the Mishima feud, where Kazuya wins, in the end
Tekken 1 feats:

> 8:08 - 8:39

Kazuya after defeating a Heihachi, he picks Heihachi and drops him from a cliff
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Tekken 2 feats:

> first 10 seconds, Heihachi has survived the fall and climbs the cliff

> 12:43 - 12:59

Heihachi managed to defeat Kazuya and Devil Kazuya, Heihachi picks Kazuya's body and throws him into a volcano
Tekken 3 feats:

> 13:34 - 14:15

after Jin's win against True Ogre, Heihachi and his soldiers shot Jin, as they think that Jin died, Jin transforms into Devil Jin and pretty much stomps them, he grabs Heihachi from the face and punches him through a wall which created a large hole in the wall and also was able to crush Heihachi down to the ground which made a decent size crater, later, Devil Jin escapes into an unknown direction as Heihachi watches
Paul defeated Orge in Tekken 3 but didn't stick around and see him become True Ogre :hestonpls he was pissed he didn't get the prize money.

Also didn't Hwonrang win one of them? I know he beat Jin clean once.
Hwoarang had a draw with Jin in Tekken 3 (although Jin wasn't fully serious) and managed to defeat him in Tekken 5 but got casually rekt by Majin Jin

Hwoarang is a strong high tier, after all
So some feats so far, some minor and some major over the years, sticking solely to canon stuff or stuff not contradicting(those who want to discuss non canon stuff can do so but I'll mention some myself later)

>True Ogre destroyed a helicopter in his ending where we see Ogre transforms, backhands another falling one casually

>Devil Jin brought Jin back from taking bullets including a possible headshot, he also threw a Tekken force mook into a pillar hard enough to make blood come pouring out of their armor. Heihachi survived being smashed through a wall into the ground from a height then Devil Jin smashing him

>Jack 3/Gunjack tanked an orbital nuke via forcefield generation that nuked the landscape he was in going off Gunjack ending. Shame the later Jacks don't display this forcefield then Kazuya/Hei taking down Jack 4s becomes more impressive.

>Heihachi and Kazuya smash through hordes of Jack 4s after waking up from being knocked out by Jin. Heihachi survives a ground zero nuking via Jack 4 that sent him flying miles away, he stayed out of Tekken 5 due to it which may have lasted a few months or less in universe depending on current timeline/scale. Raven cuts through and blitzes a Jack 4

>Devil Jin destroyed a forest, no mention how, Tekken 5 intro has him smashing through trees and such for what it's worth

>Bryan pre upgrade could no sell tank shot and rip off it's top

>Bryan post upgrade threw construction piece to take down a helicopter and survive it crashing into him and exploding unharmed

>Feng has an impressive feat involving volcanic rock in his Tekken 6 ending

>Lars has a a moment of reacting to a rocket then deflecting it, has an imressive tanking feat too

>Ling Xiaoyu beat up some of Heihachi's bodyguards, this is a petite teen who tore through grown men enough to impress Heihachi into enrolling her in his school. Tekken 3 intro shows her sending one such guy flying into the air casually

>Heihachi catches a bullet with his teeth

>Heihachi also deflects rockets like Lars in Tekken 7 and rips out metallic parts to block a hail of bullet fire shot at him(possibly another reaction feat for him)

>Heihachi and Akuma tear down multiple Jack 6s

>Heihachi and Akuma's clash nukes the dojo they were in and sends Hei flying across miles buried in rubble, he breaks out after some pondering

>Alisa take a grenade that sends her flying out of a building then comes back quickly to rematch Nina

>Devil Kazuya no sells the same nuke Abel used on Gunjack when Heihachi used it on him, Akuma survived this as well going off the special ending. Heihachi in the final battle after being beaten down somehow knocks Devil Kazuya into base Kazuya .

>Jin while weakened from fighting Azazel uses his devil beam to shoot the gasline of the helicopter he was in and survives the explosion and fall, moving about groggily due to his Azazel fight, he also creates a giant dust storm from firing his devil beam. He is eventually knocked out after Lars finds him wandering in a bazaar for 2 days.

>Kazuya powering up to his devil mode does a DBZesque aura that makes debris of rock fly around him

>Kazuya fires his devil beam into orbit to take down Heihachi's satellite, if this is a regular beam and not some charged up one this could potentially put Tekken characters quite high in speed

>Special ending has Devil Kazuya and Akuma(powering up) generating an explosion from their beam clash that sets off eruptions in their vicinity

>Master Raven if her ending is canon has reacted to and sliced a tank shell fired while her back was turned prior, her ending implies she's WAY above Dragunov and Raven while Dragunov's ending he just beats her and shoots her to death with cet tank

>Hwaorang took a grenade to save a groggy Jin or Devil Jin depending on his or Devil Jin's ending, both cases he survives albeit knocked out and is the reason he most likely wears an eyepatch in Tekken 7

>Bryan's ending if canon has him throwing nearby piece of construction into a jet, a copy of his Tekken 6 ending minus explosion tanking

ETA Hwaorang has fought Jin to a stalemate pre Tekken 3 and beaten Jin in Tekken 5 before Devil Jin beat him. Jin sees him as a worthy rival but avoids him due to his Mishima business taking priority. Paul was a rival to Kazuya in Tekken 1 and Tekken 3 he beat base Ogre.

Jun Kazama beat Devil while pregnant with Jin but after the devil gene retcon and possibly retconning the whole Devil was split in half part this feat may no longer be canon or make sense.
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That being said Kazuya's new Devil form he uses against Hei(why does it look different from his Akuma fight?) looks badass, best monster form in canon or non canon outside maybe Tag 2 Angel.
i was going to continue the posting feats but since T.Fury posted faster most of the Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 feats, i will post the Tekken 7 feats now

> 11:55 - 14:45

Heihachi pretty much displays that he can casually react to bullets or kicking rockets away (thing that is common even for weaker characters than Heihachi), and also casually defeats Nina

> 22:55 - 25:02

Heihachi and Nina casually react to bullets once again, with Heihachi showing that he can dodge bullets even from closer range (more hypersonic-hypersonic+ feats for him but you will see later that he is MHS+) and he also easily defeat Claudio who is the world's strongest exorcist

> 28:37 - 29:23

Jin casually destroyed a Helicopter with his Majin powers and later fired a beam fast enough to reach the sky while being not in good health condition

> 30:49 - 30:55

Lars can casually dodge bullets again (in Tekken 6, he could easily react and deflect a rocket, so, easily hypersonic reactions for him too)

> 39:27 - 39:37

even the likes of Alisa can dodge bullets without trouble

> 44:31 - 49:25

Heihachi is able to survive/tank some attacks, collide attacks and inflict some damage to Akuma in hth, he even reacted to a projectile attack from him, later, Akuma and Heihachi destroy a large group of Jack-6's, then, Akuma vs Heihachi is on, once again, Akuma uses Raging Demon on Heihachi and Heihachi despite getting rekt, he wasn't dead, Akuma decides to end this with a Hadouken and while Heihachi tried to counter it but he lost, in the end

(like it or not, it's very impressive for Heihachi from not instantly dying from Akuma's Raging Demon, it could be a form of plot armor but it's still an impressive feat regardless)

> 53:30 - 54:53

Alisa survives a grenade of Nina's from point blank which sends her flying off the building and later returns to defeat Nina but still Nina wasn't fully defeat at all

> 58:19 - 58:49

Heihachi got buried through many dozens of rubble while was also several miles away from the Mishima Dojo in his battle with Akuma, but still, Heihachi was able to survive

> 1:02:07 - 1:07:30

it's time for Akuma vs Kazuya, base Kazuya despite fighting fairly well, he easily loses, then Kazuya transforms into Devil Kazuya, while he was fighting with Akuma, a powerful and fast beam from Heihachi's Satellite weapon (which was created from Dr Abel and back in Tekken 3, it had power enough to create a nuke like explosion like in Gunjack's ending in Tekken 3) is unleashed and destroys the large building that both Kazuya and Akuma were fighting, Kazuya was able to easily survive though

so, Kazuya easily survived a concentrated beam with nuke like firepower output

btw, this is Gunjack's ending, it begins from 0:30

> 1:07:35 - 1:09:19

Kazuya easily destroys Heihachi's Satellite and the remaining of the destroyed parts also raze a town

> 1:14:25 - 1:18:52

we learn what happened between a younger Heihachi and Kazumi and the reason why Kazuya was thrown from the cliff, also, young Heihachi was able to defeat Majin Kazumi

> 1:21:02 - 1:33:14

the final battle between Kazuya and Heihachi takes place in a large volcanic area with many large rock formations and lava surrounding the area and being visible from the ground too, their battle has a DB like feeling since there are several explosions through the rocks, many powerful hth clashes and etc, at some point, Kazuya transforms into True Devil Kazuya and the battles becomes more intense, Heihachi is fighting with his full power and still inflicts damage and survives against this form of Kazuya's, he was even able to revert Kazuya back into his base form, although, Kazuya uses a powerful filled with anger punch attack, he defeats Heihachi and throws Heihachi into the lava as well

we see in the ending, that Jin is the one who can only fight Kazuya at this point, as Jin said, there is no else, it's all up to him and he is ready to kill Kazuya and it is a hint for a Tekken 8 game, probably

in the special ending, which takes place after the Heihachi battle, Akuma appears and is ready to have a final rematch with Kazuya, Kazuya dodges a Hadouken without looking and transforms into a powered up True Majin Kazuya, then their battle begins without seeing the outcome of their battle, in the end


we must wait in case they reveal the full outcome of the True Majin Kazuya vs Akuma battle in a DLC or something, because they collided their energy based attacks and it seems they kinda fully razed the large volcanic rocky area where the final battle took place

only time will tell though
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That being said Kazuya's new Devil form he uses against Hei(why does it look different from his Akuma fight?) looks badass, best monster form in canon or non canon outside maybe Tag 2 Angel.

if you check the faces in the health bar, both in the final Heihachi and final Akuma battle, it is the same

the design is slightly different, i know

my theory is that True Majin Kazuya becomes likely fully complete in his Majin potential in the Akuma battle, obviously
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I'm talking about his form when he fought Akuma in G corp towers where he looks like classic Devil but wearing a suit before the building got nuked by satellite then against Heihachi he gets a new form devil form. The final Akuma fight he's using the new form he did against Heihachi.

He has 2 devil forms i.e classic and multiple eyed version.
Seeing as Nevermind just began restoring those Tekken profiles at the wiki today, maybe some of you guys can give them their well-deserved updates. :maybe
Knowing anything, Jin will probably have a true devil form once they make Tekken 8, cuz his devil form looks only like a partial transformation, while Kazuya was a beginning a full transformation before he finally controlled it
Just a question, could Paul have beaten True Ogre?

unknown to tell, Jin defeated True Ogre, after all, but in Tekken 3, Paul was one of the high tiers, back there

Knowing anything, Jin will probably have a true devil form once they make Tekken 8, cuz his devil form looks only like a partial transformation, while Kazuya was a beginning a full transformation before he finally controlled it

i believe shit is gonna be too intense in Tekken 8, True Majin Jin (obviously i expect Jin to have an evolved Majin form too) vs True Majin Kazuya will be just DBZ levels


or maybe True Majin Jin vs True Majin Kazuya vs Oni Akuma, imagine it

Just a question, could Paul have beaten True Ogre?

Power levels and lore fluctuate from game to game. Paul fought base Kazuya for a long while in 1 before losing, he made it to semi finals or so of 2 but got stuck in traffic, in 3 he beat base Ogre but left before it became true Ogre. He's been a joke character since, in Tekken 7 non canon most likely as the ending is he takes on Feng turned fighting god and knocks him down before Feng gets back up and he runs with Law away(not sure if this will be canon or where this Feng ranks).

Depends on how much above base Ogre True Ogre was. Jin in base tapped into devil gene due to revenge as per 6(he did not transform but may have accidently tapped into some of the power) but not sure if that was how it was originally intended in 3. True Ogre's feats of destroying a helicopter with fire and backhanding another casually are not impressive anymore in current Tekken due to power creep characters have gotten and Paul probably has gotten stronger since 3. So possible he could have in 3 or maybe currently even as a comedy character(he's more lethal joke character being fair).
Hwoarang had a draw with Jin in Tekken 3 (although Jin wasn't fully serious) and managed to defeat him in Tekken 5 but got casually rekt by Majin Jin

Hwoarang is a strong high tier, after all
He also beat him in Tekken 4.
Any tier lists?

If anyone would be so kind as to fill it up, here are the tiers:
• Transcendent (Devil)
• Ascendant (technically human/normal but practically beyond)
• Legendary
• Master (perfected style, well rounded)
• Leader (can handle constant threats)
• Skilled (good survivor, with good individual skill)
• Useful (can be counted as a fighter)
• Pretender (still better than normal individuals of the verse)
• Economic Liability (if hired for a job, boss might regret it)

The tier list can be:
• Relative
That us to say, you start with the weakest at the lowest tier, then list the others relative. Or with the strongest at the top, or average in the middle tier and then list others relative.
• Absolute
All characters are listed based on their capabilities, irrespective of how they compare to others, even if bottom and/or top tiers are unoccupied, or if the list ends up warped

Your input is greatly appreciated
If anyone needs Tekken calculations re-done (the ones that were taken down when NF changed its domain), send me a message and I'll re-do them.

On a side note, Bryan Fury, Fang, and Raven's feats should yield decent results for DC and Speed.

I did see Chaos post calculations in his Fate thread, so it should be okay if I post these here, I think. Here is one for Raven.
Master Raven
, and Master Raven is
Master Raven is prepared to slice the tank round in the second image. To find the distance between Master Raven and the screen, I'll just angsize it.
  • 2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size = 110px/panel height = 360px)) = 0.28755 rads, or 16.48 deg.
  • Size = 0.3m (Will approximate head size for this since we are not sure what Master Raven's actual height is)
  • angsizing = 1.0358m
So the tank round was 1.0358 meters away before Master Raven sliced it. As for the distance covered my Master Raven's slice, she would need to rotate in the opposite direction to slice the round, since the tank round was coming in from behind.

As for how much her arms moved, we have this picture.

  • = 2*Pi*(Radius)*(angle/360)
  • Using 180 degrees (semi-circle) as the value of angle since she managed to move her arms from the top all the way to the bottom.
  • As for the radius, I measured my arms to be 0.7m in length, so I'll use that value as the radius (some people may have shorter/longer arms, but this value should not vary too much).
  • Arc length = 2*Pi*(0.7)*(180/360) = 2.2m (Distance Raven's arms moved)
  • Timeframe = 1.0358m/ = 5.7544e-4 seconds
  • Speed = (2.2m)/(5.7544e-4 seconds) = 3823.13 m/s, or Mach 11.23. Hypersonic
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