General Comics Discussion: pre-crisis karate boy solos edition


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here we can discuss about comics


we can discuss, post and analyze feats or even make a form of summaries of abilities and etc

let's begin

READ also this

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i decided to make a new order/canon event about Supernerd's timeline, thanks to DC Rebirth and Superman Reborn

the new canon events would be like this:

[yeah, even from New 52, some events are legit]

- Superman: Secret Origin

- Superman Exiles himself in Space = Superman Vol. 2 # 28

- Superman on WarWorld = Superman Vol. 2 #32

- Clark proposes to Lois = Superman Vol. 2 #50

- Superman reveals his secret identity to Lois = Action Comics #662

- The Eradicator controls Superman's mind = Superman Vol. 2 #57

- The Death and Return of Superman

- The Death of Clark Kent = Superman Vol. 2 #100

- Lois makes her final decision to Marry Clark = Superman Vol. 2 #118

- Superman - The Wedding Album

- Blue lightning Superman = Superman Vol. 2 #123

- What's so Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way = Action Comics #775

- Our Worlds At War

- The birth of Jonathan Samuel Kent

- Superman: the Lois and Clark mini series

- H'el on Earth

- The Men of Tomorrow

- and The Rebirth events
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In the sky, the laughter ceases. For a moment, the Oversoul and its universe seethe in silence.

Supernerdman showing he can be badass when he's pissed :maybe
a quick general feats collection for Doc Mancunttan

Before Watchmen:

- he can alter the molecular structure of objects
- can warp the space around himself
- can exist at least in two timelines
- can merge timelines
- precog
- can see into the future and it's vastness
- can alter events with probability manipulation

in the main series, he displays:

- Telekinesis
- Telepathy
- Size Alteration
- High level Awareness
- Teleportation
- Molecular/matter manipulation
- Great level of regeneration (he regen'd after being fully destroyed)
- can breath in space
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Anyone keeping up with Marvel? Does anything interesting happen there? Did they already bring Wolverine and Hulk back?

Nothing new but I did find some interesting stuff regarding the Phoenix Force. I showed this to Matthew a few weeks ago.

Granted I haven't been able to track these comics down so take these scans for a grain of salt. If anyone can tell me the series or issue number, that'd be great.
Anyone keeping up with Marvel? Does anything interesting happen there? Did they already bring Wolverine and Hulk back?
Phoenix Jean picked a fight with Galactus and nearly got her ass drained by the Big G.

DC verse related information

we know there is the Golden Age universe that existed from 1938-1954, also known as Earth Two

In the Flash #123, it is revealed that Earth One and Earth Two operate in slightly different, parallel, universes as Barry Allen, and Jay Garrick meet each other.

Later, in Green Lantern (Vol. 2) #40, Alan Scott travels to Earth One because of a problem he wants help from Hal Jordan for

They battle Krona, and are told that he must travel the multiverse (which is infinite) because he tried to see creation, and it's the first time we see the Hand of Creation

now, on Crisis On Infinite Earths reveals to us that the Hand that Krona saw was not that of God, but that of the Anti-Monitor, and it was his act of observance, that created the Multiverse

However, by the end of the story (and the end of the Crisis), the Anti-Monitor was reaching through, and was met by the Spectres hand, which resulted to change the timeline and rewrote history so the DC Multiverse never happened at all

With the creation of the New 52 era, all time was rewritten for the universe

Krona was once again observed a hand at the beginning of creation, but this time, the hand was wearing a Green Lantern power ring

The power ring belonged to Volthoom, the First Lantern and top tier lantern, who bonded to the Great Heart and had the power to easily manipulate and rewrite time
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summary of abilities and stats for H'el from New 52 DC:

- matter manipulation
- astral projection
- teleportation
- can BFR others
- telekinesis
- telepathy
- can create TK barriers
- illusion creation
- good level of regen
- enhanced senses
- can rearrange the DNA of a person
- can split himself across the timeline (but it drains his power and makes him weaker)
- time travel
- X-Ray
- can analyze on molecular level
- was stomping New 52 Supes, Supergirl and Superboy like fodders

he has at least large planet level+ stats, (the minimum) with at least FTL+ speeds
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Death isn't restricted to a single Creation; she appears in Lucifers Creation.

This is the same Death from the main DC Creation; she even talks about stuff that happened in London.

Silk Man, who passes between Creations, believe he's cheated Death, while Lucifer tells him he's just bending her rules.
I had this giant post explaining the biggaversal size of the DC Cosmology and shit.

Now thanks to this new rule of only https links working it lost all the pictures that backed up my claims

I had this giant post explaining the biggaversal size of the DC Cosmology and shit.

Now thanks to this new rule of only https links working it lost all the pictures that backed up my claims

We should try and look through Marvel's cosmology but I wouldn't know where to start with that :catprone
Also I'm going to look at Fables feats.

Bigby Wolfs biggest feat (that I've seen so far); he battles his brothers, and the battle devastates the landscape, brings down shooting stars that destroys mountains and causes all sorts of ill omens, like two headed calves to be borns and people having haunting visions & dreams. A battle that he wins (issue #58).

Bigby's speed; a gunsman shoots at him, and between the period from the bullet is fired and it hits the vest, he takes off the vest and appears next to them (for context, this is a commando training exercise with other Fables; they have to shoot him in his vest to get a win) (issue #64);

Bigby Wolf blows away a horde of wooden soldiers of the Adversary, and the winds are strong enough to lift cars (issue #26).

Frau Totenkinder (AKA the witch from Hansel & Gretal) telepathically communicates with others and effortlessly summons a storm, and explains how the Fables are resurected depending on how popular their stories are among Mundies, even being able to come back from being burnt to ashes. She can also drain someone of all their magic, as she does to Baba Yaga (issue #27).

Prepare your jimmies. The age of Bendis. BRIAN Motherfucking MICHAEL BENDIS is coming to DC.
Also from issue #26, King Cole witnesses the "battle" between Frau Totenkinder and Baba, and is horrified by what he sees, not letting anyone else nearby. We seem to see demons being summoned.

Boy Blue with the Witching Cloak can protect himself from the flames of a dragon and attacks from blades. The cloak is strong enough to prevent the dragon from opening it's mouth, which causes it's inner flames to swell up inside and explode and only it's skeleton remains (which should show something of the strength of it's flames). The cloak also contains many other weapons, like the vorpal sword (issue #37).

The Witching Cloak also allows him to shapeshift (and hold those forms for weeks at least), and take the forms of others (issue #36).

The Witching Cloak also blocks blade blows from the Morning Knight (you'll see why this is impressive below), the vorpal sword shatters his sword, and he cuts his head off. He then takes on and easily defeats his two brothers on the same road. Each of the three knights is a demi-god capable of defeating entire armies, and the greatest martial forces in the empire (and their existence is being sustained by Baba Yaga, who was easily defeated by Frau Totenkinder). He's killed countless lesser soldiers too. They emplore the Snow Queen for help. (issue #37).

The Snow Queen brings snow just by passing by (issue #38).

She freezes Boy Blue, Witching Cloak and all (issue #38).
Fables are immortal and don't age (for reference, they fought together in WWII) (issue #28).

Even a weaker form of Bigby than his true form isn't hurt by bullets (issue #29).

With her detection spells, Frau Totenkinder discovered that the Arabian Fables had a D'jinn. D'jinn are immensely powerful creatures of almost pure magic, greater than sorcerors who are mostly matter with a bit of magic, and even Elder Gods are only about 50% magical energy. One could more than wish for the destruction of an entire continent (America) and the d'jinn would carry that out. D'jinn have no sense of good or evil, and a d'jinn freed of it's bonds can, and have, destroyed entire worlds (see also their gigantic sizes). D'jinn are too powerful to be destroyed by almost anyone else, so Sulymon the wise tricked them into entering bottles, which were actually gateways to pocket universes where they were bound and had to grant three wishes to the one who released them (though the third always had to be to return them to their bottle). The pocket dimensions were created by the great sorcerer-scientist Daedalus. Only another d'jinn can destroy a d'jinn, at the cost of its own existence (NSFW warning) (issue #43).

Frau Totenkinder makes it so someone says something and thinks they said something else (issue #44).

D'jinn can shapeshift (issue #44).

The North Wind is not only powerful enough to battle a D'jinn, but as done so in the past. Such a battle would damage the world, which the North Wind considers small. Due to his tremendous power, the forces of the Adversary didn't dare challenge him, and he didn't care enough to challenge them (issue #43).

Bigby blows down a forest (issue #16).

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Does anyone know much about how Image cosmology works? Is it one Image multiverse with absolutely everything by Image, or does that only encompass certain things, and then there's all the individual comics which are their own world?

Also I'll look more into The Unwritten cosmology here sometime.
Boy Blue with the Witching Cloak can turn invisible (issue #36).

It took most of a week for the Adversary's best sorcerers to change Boy Blue back to his true form and remove his Witching Cloak. It would take hundreds of sorcerers months to put the enchantments back around the fake Adversary, who Boy Blue with the Vorpal sword beheaded easily. The Witching Cloaks power is also pointed out; it's seemingly indestructible, immensely powerful and contains all sorts of weapons within it. With certain command words, Boy Blue can control the Witching Cloak. With one, he can command it to destroy itself, and with another it would destroy itself unless he repeats this word everyday. Should the cape destroy itself, it would destroy not only everything inside it, but most of the surrounding countryside (issue #40).

Boy Blue commands the Witching Cape to return to him, and he attacks Gestapo, but not even the Vorpal Sword can dint his defences and the thousands of years of protective spells around him (issue #41).

Boy Blue uses the Witching Cloak to teleport himself and Red Riding Hood back to the mundane world (issue #41).

An example of just how much stuff can be stored inside the Witching Cloak (issue #44).

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