Gai vs Ginyu vs Bon Clay vs Great Saiyaman

Great Saiyaman's poses and justice speeches are enough to shatter the hopes of any evildoer.
"Oh and I suppose you have something better to do, huh?! Mr Big Shot?! TOO BUSY TO SHOW OFF YOUR PECKS?!?!"

Sorry, but Ginyu has this.
Saiyaman was so fucking dumb, even for the manga. Felt like manga filler.

Ginyu wins, the dude is flamboyant as hell. The dude makes poses for his entire team.
I'll have to go with Ginyu... for now. Though with a little more screen time (manga time?) Gai with his nice guy poses, dynamic entries, and hilarious rantings about Kakashi's rivalry would win in a heartbeat. :quite
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