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Sorry if this one was done before.

Ok, so Kisame flooded a desert, Gaara flooded a canyon and a forest. Both can make floods (water flood, desert avalanche).

They stand 200 meters apart in a non-favorable environment (no sand or water around), so let's say the whole floor in a wide area is covered with grass and some trees grow around. Gaara is kage.

Who do you think would win? (I can't really make up my mind, but in the end, Kisame might take this one due to huge chakra).
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Gaara can use his sand to go up in the air. But if Kisame can use his sword to eat the chakra out of Gaara's sand than Gaara would be useless. Kisame wins easy if his sword can eat the sand chakra... if not it becomes a more balanced fight, but Kisame could probably still take this
Kisame defeated a Jinchuuriki who by the sounds of it was completely in control of his Bijuu and spammed elemental jutsu rarely seen outside of a bloodline and he did it with no visible damage.

He would slaughter Gaara.
Kisame would turn his sand into mud and then shave him to death. Bad match-up for the Kazekage.
I wrote Kazekage Gaara as in the same Gaara that fought Deidara (so with Shukaku although i would prefer Gaara keeping Shukaku under control).

It seems to me though that while Kisame is able to create a huge body of water, Gaara can do the same thing with huge amounts of sand formed into gigantic ˝hands˝ so to speak (sa we have seen in the Deidara fight, when Deidara's arm was grabbed). So it's basically huge amounts of numerous tube-formed sand flying towards you from all directions, whereas Kisame only created 1 huge wave up until now. Could this possibly give Gaara advantage, especially, since he can float in mid air?
I don't quite believe that suiton ninjutsu ruins Gaara immediately, but I do believe that the water particles would seep into the sand and force Gaara to "dry out" his sand or else suffer decreased speeds. Too much water saturation is going to decrease his effectiveness, particularly his speed – and he can't be losing speed when fighting Kisame.

Despite the long distance favouring Gaara over Kisame (Gaara having maximum mobility with his sand and being able to create a supply and move it: Kisame preferring to transform a moderate area into a sea and not likely being able to shift that area far or fast), I think Kisame has an advantage thanks to speed, power, Samehada and suiton ninjutsu. I've always seen suiton jutsu as being great for momentum – more mass than fūton at a less cost in speed, and more speed than doton at a less cost in mass – and being able to hurl vaguely shaped momentum around is a good way to fight Gaara. Fūton might still be better for being able to scatter sand, but suiton can slow it a bit in my mind.

No-one's going to fall with more difficulty than Kisame to Gaara on an open field – loads of chakra and speed, and powerhouse jutsu to fight back with. So Kisame's a good bet against him, and should be able to take this.
If any bit of water gets mixed in with his sand he has to let it dry out or he won't be able to use it. Kisame can cut all of the chakra away with his sword instantly with one swipe. Kisame kills with ease :noworry
It's not quite as bad as that, FoxSpirit (unless you go off anime non-canon). Gaara could control his sand when there was blood in it, so it's not utterly disastrous. A simple appreciation of physics tells us that it'll be a bit harder to move it around if there's a lot of water stuck in it though: Gaara can comfortably apply a force to each sand particle, and that force causes an acceleration tempered by the sand particle's mass. If he's forced to carry water particles along as well, then the total mass is increased and the same force goes less far.
Kisame makes a sea and makes gaara's sand to mud while he charges him and takies out the "Ultimate Defence" with Samahada and his ridiculose strenth.
Hey, hold on there! That seems a bit too decisive, don't you think? Are you exaggerating, or do you really believe Kisame will have it that easy?
Kisame would make Gaara's sand wet and it would clump together. The upside is they can make SAND CASTLES!
Ryuk, Master Chief, what do you believe is the most important jutsu or power in Kisame's hands that allows him to dominate Gaara?
Baku Suishouha making the minerals under the water dampen, which in turn makes Gaara's created sand dull. Samehada sucking the chakra out of Gaara's sand. Kisame's speed being great enough to outmaneuver Gaara's sand; and his supply of supplementary and long range Suiton jutsu. I don't see how Gaara would pose a threat to Kisame, who could pretty much plow his way right through everything thrown at him by Gaara.
Good reply: I hadn't quite appreciated suiton: bakusui shōha enough here. Kisame can rush Gaara and then use it to make it difficult for Gaara to even create sand, and then keep the pressure on. Nonetheless, I don't think it would be too easy: I work under the assumption that if Gaara is meant to be legendary jōnin now, he's roughly the same against legendary jōnin taijutsu specialists as he was against taijutsu specialists of the same level as him before (Lee, Kimimaro). Kisame's a special case thanks to suiton jutsu and Samehada, though.
I doubt Gaara, being a Kazekage and having some serious offensive and defensive capabilites can be stopped by water ruining his sand (sand + water isnt mud, soil + water is mud, sand + water is just wet sand). Seems too simple, it would just slow him down a bit.
I also think that if he manages to keep his own sand (the one from dry, he doesn't even need to worry about water that much.
The other masses of sand can probably get wet w/o a problem, as he would probably use his own if he moved in for the kill or a damaging attack.
I'm also of the opinion that it would just "slow him down a bit", but that's bad enough against Kisame, who is at the very least on the same level as Gaara and maybe a bit above. I think it's probably all the edge Kisame needs, though I'm still a bit wary of Gaara's ability to give Kisame nowhere safe to stand on.
Kisame would probably just stand on water if he flooded the place as i'm not too sure about Gaara being able to move sand efficiently through water unless... theoretically he could move sand through water as he can increase sand's density on a mineral basis (remember the fight with kimi)to the point where it could probably cut through water if it were shaped correctly (as in Gaara creates a sand spear for example). I wonder if he can increase the sand's density to the point where it doesn't really even get soaked by water anymore (maybe the surface, but that's it).
Gaara can fly. He can make the entire canyon into sand eventually, and Kisame has no way to stop him. Using his sand tsunami, he caught a much faster fighter (Kimimaro) preskip, and postskip he knocked Deidara out of the sky. I just can't see Kisame avoiding him and getting into the air.
I don't see Kimimaro being as fast as Kisame, or in fact him being anywhere near. Kimimaro wasn't fast enough to finish off genin Lee in one hit: he lags behind the top tier. It's true that with enough time Gaara would have an advantage, but Gaara needs to survive up until then.
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