Fresh new comic: The Lost Footsteps

Okay, I just started this comic three days ago, and it's still kinda rough. I've been learning how to add tones, and other cool comic stuff, but haven't gotten around to incorporating them into this comic yet.

It's called The Lost Footsteps.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4
I like it! ^_^

One thing: I think the text was too small when the old guy was saying' something, I couldn't read it...
Nice art, but a bit more background please?

And you still have to try out camera angles so more.
I like it though!
Thanks guys. About the text in the panel where the old guy is casting his spell... it reads as follows: She who commands the earth in all its density... grant me, your servant, the right to wield your insurmountable power. Let forth upon my foe the Binding Grip of the Gholem.

Soryy about that. I guess it got too small when I resized the image.

Samurai Jones, Bitch!
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