For You -LeeSaku

How sad. :( Well done. Lee looks much like his namesake here.

Love the flowers. So like the ones she brought him when he got out of the hospital.
It looks very sweet :amuse The colors are vibrant and well chosen, and the drawing itself is spectacular! The only thing that looks weird is that Lee looks like Gai...
It looks good. Lee looks a lot like Gai in this picture, and his expression along with Sakura's tears makes the scene depicted very sad.
Lee looks older because in the fic he is older. :)

Thanks, i alway appreciate the feedback <3
I would love this ten times more if I didn't think that LeeSaku was shit.

Nice anyway.
Oh, the vivid colors are beautiful, especially with how his green outfit looks with her hair. Sakura looks so tired with those lines under her eyes, I guess it is the puffy redness from crying too much. The mix of lightly colored lines and no lines for areas like for part of the hair looks most excellent. So sweet to see Lee holding Sakura so protectively while he himself looks so sad.
I cannot FATHOM how your colors so amazingly came out. It's so beautiful. *-* Your style is SO original, my gosh. <3
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