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Fishman Island Zoro vs Katakuri


Objectionable Objection
Forget FS, any Zoro pre-Enma/pre-Enma training doesn't have the feats to deal with Kata's armament. Block Mochi or Power Mochi isn't getting cut when it didn't so much as crack when hit by Kong Gun or Rhino Schneider.


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And i thought the Zoro fanboys on this forum are crazy already, but just peeking into that thread gave me the urge to take a shower.


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This fight doesnt last a minute, katakuri destroys him, a better fight would be fishman island zoro vs oven and even then oven would probably edge him out


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I guess if you assume that Enma is an extremely marginal power up and Zoro didn't grow at all since the start of the timeskip (i.e. he was always this strong), this matchup makes sense. The first of these assumptions is totally bonkers though and the latter makes little sense narratively.


Disciple of Thunder
Zoro loses the match-up, but I think it’s fair to say that Zoro didn’t get any stronger since the timeskip until he got Enma.


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Post timeskip Zoro = vet
Dressrosa Zoro = YC4-yc3
Wano Zoro = yc3-yc2
Enma put him up to yc1.

Katakuri low diffs him, Zoro doesn't get a single hit in but takes a few blows before going down.
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