First sig


I fell in love with a PLAYBOY
First sigs

Needs to be bigger? Better border?

Any feedback would be helpful. Thanx!
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Amazing for your first sigs but i do not like how they are so seethrough and white. I think number one would look great if it was less clearer and less pale such as you could see a bigger difference between kabutos face, hair and glasses...But once again AMAZING for first sigs.
they are very..bright.
you should definitly turn down the brightness.
but other then that, they look nice. :D
They are all too bright and that affects the images. The best would be the first one. But You can't see Kabuto very clearly.
First one is preety good, last two you need really dim down the brightness on them, well dim down the brightness and contrast for all of them too :)
Thanx for the comments. You've proven that my computer resolution is much darker than those at my job and on most computers. I just wanted to test to make sure I wasn't going crazy :p

EDIT: Is this a better example of the first sig:

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