Final thoughts on Sasuke's previous fight

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The Deidara one.

Imma not gonna say anything,just check da poll. :vegetant

EDIT: FUCK! I took the 10 minutes and couldn't post a poll.

Well,how much serious the fight was for Sasuke?

Serious but not having to use Kirin?
Kind of serious?
Or not,at all?
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Meh, Sasuke could of ended the Deidara fight within the first 20 seconds if he wasn't trying to gain information.
Sasuke could have Simply ended it before deidara started all his rambaling about his art. But he was trying to gather Information.
it was hard for Sasuke because he wasn't going for the kill. If he was he would have ended it with little to no problems.
I kind of hoped he would die there, but since he still has some use in the story, Kishi made a bogus tale of Sasuke surviving because of Manda. :facepalm

I don't think he was going easy on him either. :]
It was a serious fight. I also wonder how Sasuke would have managed to successfully use Kirin with bombs raining down on him from all directions.
Considering what Sasuke had to pull to survive that fight I would say it was pretty serious....

Sasuke had to summon Manda, put him under a genjutsu, get in his mouth, and then desummon him while inside all in a matter of seconds.
well, if he was going for the kill...

deidara had problems with sasuke's speed, he needed madara to the c2, and it took kinda long, if sasuke had decided to kill deidara, i bet that he would do the kirin faster than deidara and tobi prepared the c2 xD

deidara would go crazy using the bombs to stop him, and only madara would help him kill sasuke so, only the c2 would stop sasuke's shunshin, and sasuke still had the option to fly
The one with Itachi.

My final thoughts......

Sasuke is still a noob compare to Itachi. Itachi was able to toy with the boy bringing him down to his last chakara reserve.

Compare to Naruto and the rest of the character....Sasuke's a bad ass but up against Itachi....still a noob and still have a lot to learn.
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