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Co Hosts: Aries and Platinum

-Post Requirement-Atleast 2-3 posts per phase
-No editing posts
-A cycle consists of a day and a night phase
-No kill shots can be activated in the 1st 24 hours
-Be Patient, My cohosts and me will try to answer every question you have
-Have fun~

Role Abilities:

Base Game Abilities: Abilities you started off with
Remastered Game Abilities: Upgraded new form + Amped abilities
Season Pass Game Abilities
: Unlockable new form + abilities that must be earned via mini game. Can only be activated once in the game for the cycle

DLC Items:

DLC Costume: 2nd role submission as a one shot ability (you start the games with this)
Store Items: One shot abilities that can be bought/unlocked with in game atoms currency
Bethesda Store Mod Items: One Shot Items designed by Todd Howard Platinum
Nintendo Eshop Amiibos: One shot items designed by Masashiro SakurAries


-At the start of the game phases will be 34 hours long. This will drop down to 24 hours once only half the players remain
Twilight Phases-Once the 34/24 hours pass votes will locked and the phase will enter the Twilight phases. These will vary from 1-2 hours depending if players want to activate any abilities or the hosts still counting votes
Nightphase-Nightphases will be 20-22 hours long. No reaction posts

DO NOT POST YET, Game begins Saturday
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Player List New


Player List and submissions

1: God Of Shinobi - Johnny Lawrence (Cobra Kai) / Daniel Larusso (Cobra Kai)
2: Shade0180 - Getter Emperor/ MazinKaizer
3: Xaldin - Tite Kubo (Avant Garde Artist)/ Sakyua Izaoi (Touhou)
4: Rom The Chad Knight- Rom The Space Knight (Marvel) / The Mask (DC)
5. Kingslayer - Elon Musk (Memelord) / Mr. Robot (Mr. Robot)
6. Hammer-kami-sama (heavens design team)/ Shiraori ( so im a spider so what)
7. Ekkologix - Erik Killmonger (MCU / Black Panther) / Ekko (League of legends)
8. Oddjutsu - Courier (Akudama Drive) / Warmonger Titan (40K)
9. NfcNorth - Lyndis (Fire Emblem) / Hat Girl (A Hat In Time)
10. Shrike - Ludwig the Holy Blade (Bloodborne) / William Birkin (Resident Evil 2)
11. Owner of A Lonely Heart - Octavia Blake (The 100) / Zoo Tycoon 2 (Game)
12. Cooler - Joeseph Joestar (JJBA) / Zack Morris (Saved By The Bell)
13. Kvothe Kingkiller - Sung Jin-Woo( Solo Leveling)/Yuta Okkotsu( Jujutsu Kaisen)
14. Natalija - Overhaul (MHA) / Sukuna (JJK)
15. Lord Melkor - Eren (Attack on Titan) / Thanos (MCU)
16. Sigismund - Imperator Class Titan (40k) / Aries (Memelord)
17. OniKaido - Mereoleona (Black Clover) / Sargeras (World of Warcraft)
18. Hero - Zodiac Killer (Real Life) / Bernie Sanders (Real Life)
19. Alibaba Saluja - Kurumi (DAL) / Terra Branford (FF6)
20. John Wayne - Madoka (Madoka Magica) / Nanoha Takamachi (Magical Girl Nanoha)
21. Nessos - Kojiro Hyuga / Jason Lee Scott (Power Rangers)
22. Vivo Diez - Jacket (Hotline Miami) / Driver (Drive)
23. Dragon D Xebec - Kojiro Sasaki (Record of Ragnarok) / Houken The Bushin (Kingdom)
24. Hayumi - Sigismund (NF) / Natalija (NF)
25. Cypher - Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate) / Gai (Guilty Crown)
26. Mexikorn - Starscream (Transformers)
27. Degaforce - Sabaton (Metal Band) / Adam (Record of Ragnarok)
28. Tiffany - Anna Karenina (Anna Karenina) / Masami Aomame (1Q84)
29. Underworld Broker - Dabi (MHA) / Jack Sparrow (Pirates of The Caribbean)
30. Didi - Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island) / Senketsu (Kill la Kill)
31. Iwan - Mbxx (Incompetent Techie) / DND Dice (Dice)
32. Tinky Winky - Kaido (One Piece) / Denji (Chainsaw Man)
33. Badalight - The Moon / Deus Ex Machina (Concepts)
34. Katsuargi - Contessa (Worm)/ Kevin Norton (Worm)
35. Andrew Greve - Backyard BBQ (Item) / Reaper (Shannara)
36. Dr. White - Takuto Maruki (Persona 5: The Royal)/ Narset (Magic: The Gathering)
37. Wolfprincekiba - Eridan (Prince of Hope)
38. familyparka - Makima (Chainsawman) / Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)
39. Pool Party Nitty - Mesaana/ Graendal - The Wheel of Time
40. Karma -Kojima (Game Dev) / Pepe (Memes)
41. Vasto - RNGesus/ Favorites (Self Indulgence)
42. Alwaysmind - Geralt (Witcher 3) / Worchester Sauce (Food)
43. Juan - Dragoon Officer (Dragoon Saga) / Kanoh Agito (Kengan Asura)
44. Franky - Undertale Mafia (Game) / First Edition Charizard (TCG)
45. Only - Samuel Beckett - The Playwright) / Pebbles by the Road (Rocks)
46. Sinraven - Dora The Explorer (Show) / Lady Gaga (Musician)
47. Charles1010-Raven(Teen Titans) / Chell (Portal)
48. Xelioszzapporo- Kenpachi Zaraki
( Bleach)/ Bui (YYH)
49: Mitch-Loran (Turn A Gundam) /Hero (Dragon Quest VIII)
50: Legend-Franklin Richards(Marvel) / Solomon Grundy (DC Comics)
51: Baroxio-Newman - (Newman Webcomic)/ Princess Iron Fan ( Lego Monkie Kid)
52: DeVision-Deadpool (Marvel)/Gregory House (House M.D.)
53: Melodie-Yuzuriha from jigokuraku/ Qifrey from witch hat atelier
54. Ratchet - Rimi Sakihata (Chaos;Head) / Akiho Senomiya (Robotics;Notes)
55. MangoSempaii - God (The Holy Bible) / Asmongold (Twitch streamer/ youtuber)
56. Lord Genome - Lord Genome (TTGL and Himself)
57. Florida Man - Platinum (Me) / Aries (Other Guy)
58. The Ancient Centurion - The Flood (Halo) \ Queen the Plague (One Piece)
59. Lawrence777 - Vasto: The Void(Narutoforums) / Golden Ending(TV Tropes)
60. Wormjuice - Fizzgig / Smoothie (Happy)

1: Laix
2: Uzukage Lee
3: Marceline
Status Ailments New



Status Ailments

Hope-Protect a player from 1 action, amp one random ability or let a player reuse a ability depending on dice roll
Troll-Confuse a player. Players trolled will have their actions redirected via dice rolls
Rage-Target/Vote the last player you voted for or used any ability on
Love-Players infatuated/in love are forced to take the first action that targets the role your infatuated eith. You cannot target those you are infatuated with actions for one phase or cycle
Ego-Reuse 1 ability, cut ability usage by half next cycle. Players inflicted by ego are item blocked for a cycle
Apathy-Paralyze a player. Dice rolls to see if they can perform an ability or not
Season Pass New



Season Pass: To give you guys more replay value we have decided to add a Season Pass to unlock more goodies. "12" brand new roles. These roles can be obtained by any player, they can only be used once per game.

3 ways to unlock these roles.

Test Your Might Challenge: Win Aries R/P/S Mini Tournament
Test Your Luck Challenge: Beat Aries or Platinums Highest Dice Roll
Test Your Sight Challenge: Solve Platinums Trivia Questions first

Winning any of these will give you access to one of the following roles

0: ???

1: Gold Mafia Saint Aries

2: Gold Mafia Saint Taurus

3: Gold Mafia Saint Gemini

4: Gold Mafia Saint Cancer

5: Gold Mafia Saint Leo

6: Gold Mafia Saint Virgo

7: Gold Mafia Saint Libra

8: Gold Mafia Saint Scorpio

9: Gold Mafia Saint Saggitarius

10: Gold Mafia Saint Capricorn

11: Gold Mafia Saint Aquarius

12: Gold Mafia Saint Pisces
Atomic Shop New


Welcome to The Wired

The Atomic Shop is your one stop shop to spend all the Atoms you accumulate.

How Does I Accumulate Atoms?:

A good question! Every player who meets the minimum posting requirements will receive 100 atoms at the start of the next cycle, barring any increases or decreases in the base amount as of a result of roles and actions, and every player will start day 1 with a single days worth of atoms. You can also gain atoms from various dice shenanigans and through investing your atoms in the dogecoin market.

The Dogecoin Market?

As long as Elon Musk is in the game, The Dogecoin exchange is open. The first 15 players who submit an investment per cycle will have their atoms converted into dogecoin. They will be unable to withdrawal it for a cycle, but as stonks go up or down, their atom investment will increase or decrease, allowing you potential access to all the powers you want!

What can I buy with atoms?

Tier One: Platinum's Pithy Products (75 Atoms)

One-shot: Reveal a ??? in a writeup
One-shot: Gain +2 voting power for a cycle
One-shot: Gain an extra dice roll for an action or event that requires it (choose whichever of the two options you prefer)

Tier Two: Aries Astonishing Assortment (150 Atoms)

One-shot: Track a player for a cycle
One-shot: Watch a player for a cycle
One-shot: Target a player and burn one of their abilities for a cycle
One-shot: Inflict a status effect of your choosing on a player (Each group/player cannot target the same player with a status effect for consecutive cycles.)

Tier Three: Whale Wares (200 Atoms)

One-shot: Investigate a player and learn their alignment (Town cannot buy until the start of Day 3)
One-shot: Roleblock a player for a cycle
One-shot: Cleanse yourself of a status effect (each player can only buy this once)
Roll on the Favorites 11 Gacha (where you get a random one-shot from the pool of Bethesda or Nintendo items)

Tier 4: Limited time items (300 Atoms)

Each of these items can only be bought by a single player at the start of day 3 onwards. In the event that more than one player requests to buy it, a dice roll off will be used to determine who gains the ability at the end of day 3.

One-shot: Lie-detect a post
One-shot: Become a nexus for a cycle
One-shot: A player of your choice becomes a lightning rod for a cycle, with a 33% chance of all actions being redirected towards them.
One-shot: Investigate a player, bypassing all protections.
One-shot: Nullify 10 votes placed on you during a cycle

For all Tier 1-3 items, each faction(mafia)/player can only buy one a cycle, excluding the ability to roll on the Favorites 11 Gacha.
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Favorites Gacha Items: Bethesda Store New


Welcome to The Wired

The Favorites Gacha Part 1: Bethesda Store

Behold, the first half of the favorites Gacha banner. When you wish to pull on the gacha, the hosts will roll a D100, and you will gain the item corresponding to the number below.

Spoiler: 1-10

  1. Vader (Scum Bonus A Rank)
[Force Choke] One-shot. Rolecrush and vote silence a player of your choice for a cycle.
[The Rule of Two]Scum-exclusive. If your godfather is dead, you can gain one of their abilities as a one-shot.
[We Can Rule The Galaxy Together] Scum-exclusive. You can have the host PM one character of your choosing and offer them the chance to join your faction. If they refuse, you will randomly destroy one of their abilities permanently.
  1. Kira (B Rank)
[Shinigami Eyes] Give up the use of two of your abilities for a cycle in order to gain a one-shot investigation that cannot be blocked, negated, or interfered with.
  1. Samus (C Rank)
[Morph Ball] The First time you will be roleblocked, the action is negated. This is consumed after use
  1. The Doctor (B Rank)
[Regeneration] - Gain an additional life.
  1. Godot (B Rank)
[Objection!] Target 1 writeup. If there are any manipulations, redirects, or lies contained within, they will be exposed and negated.
  1. Santa (C Rank)
[Naughty or Nice] Roll a die. If it is odd, you were a good boy or girl this year, and Santa has gifted you two additional pulls on the gacha. If it is even, you were naughty, and cannot roll on the gacha for the next two cycles.
  1. The Master (Scum Bonus S Rank)
[Regeneration] - Gain an Additional Life
*If Scum instead gains [Master of Disguise] If you are killed, your role will be shown to the town as a fake town role, after which, you will replace the next inactive town/indie player as soon as that is possible. You will gain their role, but keep your faction’s win condition. Normal investigations will show you as innocent unless you are rolecrushed
  1. Orihime (A Rank)
[Shun Shun Rikka] One-shot. Select a player, revert their role to how it was at the start of the previous day phase.
  1. Anton (A Rank)
[Devoid of Morality] Town-only. You are now treated as an independent. Mafia/Hostile Indie. The first investigation on you will fail.
  1. Tyler Durden (C Rank)
[Alter Ego] - You gain a permanent +1 to your voting power.

Spoiler: 11-20

  1. Sora (C Rank)
[Our Hearts Are Connected] Two-shot. Watch a player for a cycle.
  1. Lindsay Lohan (C Rank)
[Rehab Stint] - You gain a one shot self commute, where you will be unable to be targeted by actions for a phase, but can't perform any actions yourself.
  1. White Mage (C Rank)
[Cure] - The first status effect applied to you is immediately negated, and you are immune to further status for the rest of the cycle.
  1. Dexter (C Rank)
[The Perfect Crime] One-shot. Track a player for a cycle.
  1. Ron Swanson (C Rank)
[Respectable Job] Gain x2 your current login bonus at the start of every cycle until the end of the game.
  1. Yato (S Rank)
[Regalia] Target one dead player of your alignment and give them a new name. They will be revived as a mason aligned with yourself, unaware of your faction. The revived player will lose all previous currency and abilities besides [Heavenly Judgement], which will be controlled by their master. All currency and items this player wins will be given to their master, and they cannot speak about any past knowledge they had about the game under penalty of modkill.

[Heavenly Judgement] Once per cycle, you can either: Attempt a super kill on a player, Negate all a player’s passives for a cycle, target three players and remove any status debuffs on them. You must use each ability once before selecting another ability again.
  1. Abridged Kaiba (A Rank)
[Screw The Rules, I Have Money] - Purchase one item of your choice from the Atom Shop, even if it was a limited item already sold.
  1. Noface (B Rank)
[Mimicry] Three-shot. Select a player, you will appear as their role and alignment if you are investigated. People who track you that night will see that player instead.
  1. Stannis (B Rank)
[Fair and Honest Judgement] One-shot. All vote manipulation and lynch redirect abilities are turned off for the day phase.
  1. Shultz (B Rank)
[Emancipation] One-shot. Target a player, if they are of a faction that they were not part of at the start of the game, change them to a faction of your choice. They cannot divulge any of their former teammates on penalty of modkill.

Spoiler: 21-30

  1. Magikarp (C Rank)
[Splash] - You can send the action to splash once a cycle.
  1. Scrooge McDuck (A Rank)
[The Power of Money] Unlock your superform. If your superform is unlocked, you can place this ability up for a public auction, or give it to a player of your choice.
  1. Lara Croft (C Rank)
[Tomb Raider] Two-shot. Target a player, if they have an item, steal one at random. Otherwise take their next daily login bonus.
  1. Phoenix Wright (B Rank)
[Objection!] Target 1 writeup. If there are any manipulations, redirects, or lies contained within, they will be exposed and negated.
  1. Gaston (C Rank)
[Charismatic Villain] You will gain a permanent +2 to your voting power, but you will also be considered to have an additional +2 votes cast upon you if you have any votes on you by the end of the day phase.
  1. Monokuma - Scum Bonus S Rank
[Class Trial] One-shot. Target a player, if they have killed anyone in the game up until this point, superkill them.
*Scum Exclusive
[Ultimate Despair] Use the ability at the start of the dayphase. There can only be one lynch during the dayphase and all vote stacking abilities, manipulations, and lynch delaying abilities are negated. If the person lynched during the dayphase is not a hostile indie or mafia member, every town member will be inflicted with [apathy] and [troll] status for the night phase and the following dayphase.
  1. EA Games - Scum Bonus A Rank
[Surprise Mechanics] - Target 3 players. For the next two cycles, if they want to activate an ability they need to pay an amount equal to that day’s gacha pull in atoms to do so. This currency will go directly to you.
[Studio Buyout] Scum Bonus. You can target one player that is dead. Gain two of their abilities as a one shot. These one shots cannot be used to generate further one shots.

  1. Jesus (A Rank)
[The Messiah] - When you are killed, you will be brought back to life three phases later. This effect will continue until the game ends, but if you are dead when the game concludes, you will not be considered alive for the purposes of wincons.
  1. Danny Phantom (B Rank)
[Going Ghost] One-shot. You can either make yourself untargetable for a phase or follow a player for a cycle and see every action they perform. This ability cannot be redirected or interacted with in any way.
  1. Spongebob - (B Rank)
[Absorbent] - All non superkill abilities used on you for the cycle after you gain this ability will be absorbed and given to you as one-shots.

Spoiler: 31-40

  1. Shinji Ikari (A Rank)
[Get in The Robot Shinji] You are permanently affected by the [apathy] status for the rest of the game. Anyone that attempts to launch a killshot at you will be retaliated against with a killshot in return.
  1. Tom Nook (C Rank)
[A Modest Loan] Target a player and gain their premium currency login bonus for the following three cycles.
  1. Dracula (B Rank)
[Alluring Aura] Target one player and inflict them with the [Love] status targeting yourself for two cycles.
  1. Mickey Mouse (C Rank)
[Disneyland Trip] Gain the [hope] status effect for the cycle.
  1. Doomguy (B Rank)
[Rip and Tear] Gain a killshot.
  1. Ultros (C Rank)
[Lecherous Nature] The first female role that quotes or interacts with you will cause you to have the [love] status towards that role for a cycle.
  1. Judge Judy (A Rank)
[Show Trial] Select two players that have quoted each other, and with at least one of those players voting to lynch the others. Select and lie detect a post from each of them.
  1. Anomander Rake (C Rank)
[Soul Imprisonment] Two-shot. Select a player, when they die, they cannot be revived under any circumstances, and none of their abilities can be used or taken by other players.

39. Adachi (Scum Bonus B Rank)

[Police Work] One-shot. Gain an investigation that cannot be redirected or roleblocked
[Destroyed Evidence] Anti-town bonus.The first investigation on a player of your choice will turn up innocent.

40. Rin Tohsaka (C Rank)

[Tsundere] Fall in Love with the next player to quote you for a cycle.

Spoiler: 41-50

41.Mr. Beans (S Rank)

[Mr Beans] Two-shot. Select any ability in the game that is not faction specific and copy it.
  1. Hela (C Rank)
[Eternal Flame] One-shot. Select a player, if they die during the following cycle, they will be resurrected on cycle after dying.
  1. Spike Spiegal - (Mafia B Rank)
[Sleight of Hand] One-Shot. Select a player, steal one of their base abilities and gain it as a one-shot for a cycle.
*Mafia Exclusive [Sleight of Hand] Select one player, for the rest of the game, when they are investigated, the player investigating will receive a guilty result on their alignment.
  1. Master Chief - All of This Just Works
45. Dora The Explorer (C Rank)

[Swiper No Swiping] The First time your vote or action would be manipulated, it won’t be.
  1. Jaime Lannister - (Mafia A Rank)
[The Game of Thrones] The first 5 votes on you for the rest of the game (until there are 10 or fewer players left) are nullified.
*Special ability for scum.
[Kingslayer] If you are the only member of your faction left you can leave and become an independent. This ability can be activated if there is one member of your faction left, but you will target them with a killshot before departing the faction, and will only be able to leave the faction if the target is killed.
  1. Worf (S Rank)
[The Worf Effect] - Select one of your abilities, upgrade it in power by a level as long as that is possible (kill becoming superkills etc.This will be at mod discretion) If you are killed, the person who killed you will gain this ability as well (If you are lynched, it will be determined at random).
  1. Sombra (C Rank)
[Hack] Two-shot. Target a player, If they have an item, you will steal one of them at random.Otherwise, take their next daily login bonus
  1. Tony Montana (Mafia A Rank)
[Say Hello To My Little Friend] Gain a killshot.
[Coke Fueled Rampage] Mafia exclusive One-shot. You can be selected to perform the faction kill twice that night, one of your choosing being upgraded to a super-kill.
  1. Ganondorf - (A Rank)
[Triforce Piece] Unlock your advanced form, or select another player to unlock their advanced form.
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Favorites Gacha Items: Nintendo Amiibos Store New



The Favorites Gacha Part 2: Nintendo Amiibos Store

The second half of the favorites Gacha banner. Each Favorites Gachas are one shots from the past 10 iconic favorites roles. When you wish to pull on the gacha, the hosts will roll a D100, and you will gain the item corresponding to the number below.

51: Seto Kaiba (B Rank)

(Blue Eyes White Dragon) Amp one of your Base Abilities

52: Giorno Giovanna (S-Rank)
(Gold Expierence Requirem) When this is activated target 1 write up action from the past cycle and negate it. (Works once per game)

53: Azula (B Rank)
(Lightning Redirect) see 2 incoming actions and redirect 1 of them to any player

54: Sephiroth ( S Rank)
(One Winged Angel) Reactivate your Remastered Form for one phase

55: Captain Picard (C Rank)

(Space Exploration) Target 1 ??? write up and find who was targeted

56: Gohan (A Rank)

(Father Son Kamehameha) When a kill shot is activated challenge the player. If you win redirect it to any player as a super kill. If you lose you are role blocked

57: Guts (B Rank)

(Berserk Armor)
Bulletproof for one cycle

58: Dark Link (A Rank)

(Face Myself) Challenge a player to rps. If you win change their alignment

59: Shanks (S Rank)

(Ive come to end this war) Kill shots are negated for a phase

60: Kaitou Kid (B Rank)

(The Great Detective) Target a player and lie detect them



61: Hannibal Lector (B Rank Scum Bonus)
( Cannibal) Janitor a write up action

62: Rocket Raccoon (B Rank)

(Rocket Launcher) Target a number, roleblock for a phase player that lands on that number

63: Solomon Grundy (A Rank)

(Zombie) Revive a player with only half their base abilities intact, they will stay in the game until their killer has been killed or lynched

64: Kenshin (B Rank)

(Dragon Coil Flash: Hair Whirl) Redirect back the first action that targets you in the cycle

65: Yuno Gasai (A Rank Anti Town Bonus)
(Yukiteru Diary) Target any player and find out their role. This bypasses investigation immunity

66: Bayonetta (A Rank)
(Witch Time) for a phase actions that will target you will miss

67: Mystique (A Rank Scum Bonus)

( Shape Shift) You are immune to lie detects and appear as town under investigations

68: Korra (A Rank)

(Avatar) You have following one shots
Water-Protect a player
Earth-Vote Block a player
Fire-Burn one random ability from a player

69: Dave Strider (B Rank)

(Really Cool Dude) Protect yourself from actions from town if mafia/indie or mafia/indie actions if town for one phase

70: Gin (A Rank)

(Shinso) Target a player and cut their role usage in half for a cycle


71: Rita Repulsa (A Rank Scum Bonus)

(Giant Amp) Amp one Anti Town players base form ability

72: Hal 9000 (B Rank Scum Bonus)

(AI is Crapshoot) Target a player and redirect their base abilities back at themselves

73: Enrico Pucci (S Rank Scum Bonus)

(WhiteSnake: Memory Disc) Target 1 write up action and copy it. (This ability cannot be copied)

74: Scorpion (A Rank)

(Hells Spite) When you are killed or lynched rolecrush your killer the following cycle

75: Stewie Griffin (C Rank)

(Road to...) Mason with any player for 2 cycles

76: Spawn (S Rank)

(Hell Spawn) You must be killed or lynched a 2nd time to get rid of you

77: Johan (B Rank Scum Bonus)

(Monster) Kill the player that uses a investigation ability on you in the cycle.

78: Hugo Weaving (B Rank)

(Agent Smith) Host rolls a dice of 6. What ever number lands determines your vote power during the dayphase

79: Hiei (B Rank)

(Jagan Eye) Target a player and see who they target during the dayphase

80: Roland(A Rank)

(Borderlands loot) When a player is killed obtain one of their base abilities as a one shot



81: Triple H (B Rank Scum Bonus)

(The Shovel) Janitor a kill shot or lynch

82: Loki (A Rank Scum Bonus)

(God of Mischief) Make a fake write up

83: Chrollo (A Rank Godfather Bonus)

(Bandits Secret) Store one Mafia players role. Aslong as you are alive the role cannot be taken out the game

84: Funny Valentine (S Rank)

(Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) Target 1 Remastered Form thats been activated and bring it back to the game as your own

85: Black Hole (A Rank)

(The Void) Remove a player from the game for 1 cycle

86: Nicki Minaj (B Rank)

(I need a Doctor) Protect yourself and another player from actions for one phase

87: Saitama (A Rank)

(One Punch Man) Destroy 2 incoming Actions

88: Crash Bandicoot (A Rank)

(Bandicoot Spin) Protect a player from actions for super form abilities for one cycle

89: Darth Sideous (S Rank Indie Bonus)

(Rule of 2) Target any player and convert them to help achieve your win con

90: Samuel L Jackson (B Rank Scum Bonus)

(Say What Again) Taboo 1 word. First player to say the taboo word is role blocked for a cycle


91: Itachi (S Rank Indie Bonus)

(Genjutsu) Target a player and redirect their actions to someone else for cycle

92: Jotaro (A Rank)

(Star Platinum: The World) Stop time to see 2 incoming actions an who they targeted. You can negate them or let them pass

3: Megaman Zero (S Rank)
(Z-Saber) Target a player with a Super kill shot
94: Venom (B Rank)
(Symbiote) Attach yourself to any player all actions will target them instead for a cycle

95: Ghostface (C Rank Scum Bonus)

(Knife Stab) Vote block a player

96:Mojo Jojo (B Rank)

(Rowdy puff Boys) Protect 2 mafia players for a phase

97: Bo (C Rank)
(Sucumbus) Vote steal from any player

98: Alucard (A Rank)

(Vampire Hunter) Target a player and if they are Indie Super Kill them

99: Dr. Doom (S Rank)

(Cosmic Steal) When a Remastered or Season Pass Form is activated negate it and steal their abilities for one cycle

100: Mr. Miyagi (C Rank)

(Karate Kid)
Obtain a Hope Status Ailment
Day-0: Patch Notes New


Welcome to The Wired

Day 0 Patch Notes:

Todd Howard
activates [All of This Just Works] to issue some game mechanic clarifications to answer questions players were having.

DLC Items you start the game with, but these abilities cannot be activated until the start of Day 3 at the earliest. Clarification will be added to the OP.

Part 2: Rare Rule Interactions - Role Hijacking

A small few roles have the ability to control one or more actions of a player who's role they guess. This ability works on a first come first serve basis. First person to submit gets it. But it will not count as a failed Activation for other roles if they attempt to hijack the same player, allowing them to attempt again on another.​
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Day-0: Patch Notes V2 New



Day-O: Patch Notes

Masashiro Sakurai
activated Better Nerf Greninja to issue some role ability clarifications to answer some questions people were asking

Remastered Forms will come in 2 styles.

-Platinums Remastered Forms: If you received a role pm by Platinum your remastered forms are small upgrades to your base form. These forms will last 5 phases and are more designed to be balanced

-Aries Remastered Forms: If you received a role pm by me your remastered forms are greatly amped and replace your base form for a while. These forms are much stronger in nature than Platinums capable of targeting multiple players or the entire game. These forms will last 1 cycle in comparison and more designed to be chaotic

Dice Rolls: these will be vital in for some mechanics in the game. But to dice roll make a post and go to edit. At the bottom should be an option to roll the dice​
Day-0: God Appears New


Welcome to The Wired

God (WolfPrinceKiba) has descended onto the game to preside as a neutral mayor.

God is [Omnipotent], which means absolutely zero actions, votes, or other abilities will affect him in any way. God will leave the game if the [Messiah] he chooses at the start of Day 3 is killed.

Do not post yet


Welcome to The Wired

The Dogecoin Exchange opens at the start of Day 1. Up to 15 players can invest every cycle at a rate of 1Doge = 1 Atom. All players are currently considered to have 100 atoms unless your role gains more or less natively. The Dogecoin exchange will go up or down at least 1 time a day, with the odds weighed in favor of rising, as we are going to the moon boys. There is a slight commission fee of 10% when you withdraw your Doge, and cannot withdraw any Doge for at least a cycle after investing.

Wow, such stonks.
Day-0: Game Start New



First 24 hours kill shots will be banned from usage. Day 0 will be the 1st 12ish hours of this game.

Blantant role revealing is banned.

Game Start
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