Father Anderson v.s. Hidan

Anderson v.s. Hidan

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Demon Hidden In The Mist

Kunai-In-Mouth Style Master
Father Anderson from Hellsing versus Hidan from Naruto. I thought, Hey, they're both kind of immortal, so WTF? I don't know, I'm tempted to say Anderson because his holy blades would probably hurt Hidan.
Well, what am I gonna base this on? So far, we've only seen Hiddan take "small" fatal damage. We dont know if he can piece himself together if he got chopped up.

So yes, untill we see more of him and learn of the extent of his immortality, I dont see how it is fair to decide.
I think Anderson would win this. Throwing aside the immortality of both he'd easily win. With it, it would depend on what it takes to kill Hidan in a battle like that. Either way, if it's Anderson after stabbing himself with Elena's Nail, then he showed that his thorns are capable of consuming immortals on the level of Alucard. And I doubt Hidan would have enough force to break out of it.
To be able to stand up to Alucard puts him on another level, Hidan might have some type of jutsu, but Andersons had multipul bullets put in his brain etc.
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