Fate-Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works English Patch is out


Not sure if there are many fans of Visual Novels, or of Fate Stay Night for starters, and don't know if this is old news as well but English Patch for the UBW path of Fate Stay Night is finally out :zaru

For download links and information. They added the ability to add voices ingame if you have a copy of Realta Nua for the PS2 as well.
So I finally finished playing it and I have to say it's FUCKING AWESOME!

I cried manly tears 3 fucking times. Needless to say UBW does not disappoint. I really liked the whole concept of "superhero" and how it tied in with Archer and Shirou. A very unique and interesting plot IMO.

My only complain is that it had only one sex scene. :pek

I really fucking hope that a good animation studio picks this up and makes at least a 6 episode OVA. I'd love to see the Archer vs. Shirou fight animated.
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