Fate Stay Night - Disillusion

The wall took around 11- 13 hours. I started 'bout 5 days or 6 days ago.
I wanted to do a wall with rin, in a sort of scroll paper. So I started by lookin for a nice scan, but I didn't found anything that suited what I wanted, until I saw this doujin scan :
Link removed
I really liked it, but it looked too weird with all those shadows in the wall, so I vectored it, the hardest part obviosly was the hair xD. so after 4 or 5 hours I finally finished with the outline, coloring and adjustments.
Next I wanted something that went well with Rin; I though that perhaps a castle, but it was a little too simple so, I decided to do a city. so I vectored a city from varios stock photos.
After the city was done I did the sky which is actually about 4 o5 stock photos with various contrast/ brightness and color balance layers. so finally I was done with the sky, but there was a huge hole in the bottom hahah, and I had to think a while what to put in it. so finally it occured me a river. The river was a little trycky to do, I first used a gradient with some colors and I aded some ripples but it didn't looked good, so I just finally left one in the middle and then added some filters and textures to make the water look real. and if you look closely theres a feather where the ripple is, but the reflection of the buildings doesn't let you see it a lot.
I used the title disillution, because that song reminds me of rin and I can't think of anything else.
So hope you guys like it! ^^
that is amazing, the sky is beautiful but kind of unexpected knowing that we portray the sky as blue. I love the river but i dont think the text is needed IMO.
anyways gj
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