Fairy Tail vs One Piece

its such a tie its not even funny :cry

erza robin

lucy nami

the only advantage is that fairy tail has more women that are hot while OP has ugly looking women as well
Erza and Lucy are hotter IMHO. Levi too even though she doesn't appear much.

The only hot ones in One Piece is either Nami or Vivi.
Hmm i think I'll say Fairy tale, atleast i don't remember fairy tale haveing women makeing food out of there own snot.
So in general Fairy tale by far.
Fairy Tail is better.




The Bartender girl in Fairy Tail whatever her name is

Crap, how could I forget Ur and Mirajane?!
Nico Robin
Bellemere (don't you people dare tell me you wouldn't hit that :pek)
Sister of Nami
Mother of Nico Robin
The NEW mermaid the Strawhats have met (none of that BS about the old hag here, she doesn't count, ask Zoro!)
The girl Luffy was with at the start of the manga, who ran the bar
Tashigi (new version, at least)
That angel girl from Skypiea
That rebel girl from the same arc as the angel girl

Now, granted, the maid summon, the mermaid summon, Erza, Lucy and that sheep girl thing are pretty hot, and the catgirl isn't that bad, or the one that is a copy of Logias...possible Ur as well...
But come on!
The OP women are just better, and its only because of the old and ugly ones that you think anything else :pek

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that we are about to get to the island of mermaids here!
In a few months, this will be a rapestomp in favor of OP, the likes of which has never been seen since Narutoverse was constantly put up agianst OPverse or worse!
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