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Extremely underrated characters


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1. ryuken / soi fon
2. uryu
3. haschwalth
4. nanana
5. pepe
6. gin
7. barragan
8. yammy
9. orihime
10. yukio


A Walking Jojo Reference
Resurrección Tosen and Kokujou Tengen Myo’o.

R1 Tosen palmed Bankai Komamura. One of the physically stronger creatures in the arc.

People still give Tosen shit for the way he was beaten.

The only other that have been shown to physically beat that same Bankai is Aizen and that was after he was severely weakened at the time.

To put into perspective. Aizen decided to shield himself from Shunsui’s Shikai, instead of tanking it or palming it himself.

Someone who by all means, should have a power attack weaker than Komamura’s Myo’o. Given his best feat is being able to slash Starrk’s hierro. Mask and Resurrección Stark should have too much of a difference in terms of stats given their feats against two power type Captain tiers.

While Myo’o was capable of breaking Tosen’s arm. A Tosen mind you, that should be stronger than Patched Kenpachi. Who was doing more damage to Nnoitra than Neliel did.

Given he was performing better than Ulquiorra base to base against Grimmjow, and R1 and Mask have the same multiplier in power, Mask Tosen should also be stronger than R1 Ulquiorra.

Yeah, Patched Kenpachi is stronger than base Komamura and Tosen, but not enough that they can’t damage him or take his attacks.
People constantly calling him a jobber and saying he can’t even beat Grimmjow at full power.
Don't know what you're on about, barely anyone says he can't beat Grimmjow lol. People just say he needed his mask for his nerfed base state... which is a fact shown in the manga.

With Shikai, Shinji styles on Grimmjow, and pretty much everyone agrees with that.


The Darkness Rises
In terms of frequently discussed: Bambi Squad, True Zanpakutō Ichigo, Nimaiya, Tōsen, TYBW Soi Fon, Ayon.

In terms of overall: Royal Guard members that aren't Ichibē or Nimaiya.

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Well examples of commonly downplayed characters include:
Ichigo Kurosaki - Varies depending on the version being discussed but FKT and EoS are often the most downplayed.
Toshiro Hitsugaya - Pre Adult form anyway
Tier Harribel - Largely as a consequence of the above Toshiro downplay
Shunsui Kyoraku - Excluding Bankai at least.


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Shinji and Jugram

Gonna have to disagree here. I don't think just cuz a few hollow stans downplay Tosen and related characters means they're very underrated characters in general.
People legit argue for SS patched Kenpachi to win against Masked and Kokujou Tengen Myo’o.
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