Every mangekyou sharingan is different


I think it really depends on the shinobi. In a sense it reminds me of flame of recca . Kurei and recca were both flame users but they had totally different flames. The flames were predestined and it matched their characteristics. In a sense i think that is true with Mangekyou sharingan. I think that sasuke has the stronger sharingan thus his mangekyou sharingan would be stronger than itachis. They won't be Tsukiyomi,Amatersu and susanoo. It would be something entirely different. That is why i think they keep mentioning that sasuke's eyes are stronger. Kakashi Mangekyou sharingan was entirely different than itachi's. Since kakashi's sharingan is weaker than itachi's that jutsu was probably weaker as well....Common sense will tell you that Madara won't have the same Mangekyou sharingan as Itachi's. We've already seen his and was defeated. If the main Boss has the same jutsus ..that would be bad writing .. its so anticlimatic.I don't know..jus my opinion on this theory..
I agree, and if Sasuke was to obtain the MS it will be after Madara had shown his to show that Sasuke has the strongest eyes.
It's entirely plausable.. seeing as how Zetsu's comment about the sword of Totsuka was.

Susano-o itself didn't wield it, Itachi's did. I'm willing to bet Madara's and probably Sasuke's will be different as well.
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