* Even more Sasuke for you all * by Shoko86


The Boss

Yes.. I have no originality. :LOS
Redrew that panel and did a fast coloring in 30 mins or less.

Just practicing. What do you guys think?

*Click image for larger size*

Thank you!~ <3

It looks nice. I like the brown tone on the whole pic, and the coloring job looks great, but i think Sasuke's mouth looks a bit off.
Nice job, Shoko. I see that you've been practicing drawing pictures similar to panels in the manga. This drawing was fine, I like the light coloring style that you've decided to use. Sasuke's mouth seems a bit twisted, but it's still overall very good.
Its nicely done, though his face seems awkwardly drawn. Though the colors are blended smoothly, and the Chidori is not overwhelming with brightness.

Looks pretty good. I like the soft coloring. Nice job on his hair and hand/chidori. His ear sticks out a bit though.
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