Erza (Fairy Tail) vs. Sando (Shin Angyo Onshi)

I'm familar with Erza but who is the other person? What kind of feats do they have?
She can off giant monters in one blow.

She can cut bullets easily :

And that's way back in volume 1 when she did not know anything about Ki. She's much stronger now.

Though I don't remember anything concerning her durability.

For the fight, I think that Sando has the upper hand. Her only difficulty will be to get past the Herculean Armor, but I don't see Erza landing a hit. So either Sando wins, or tie.
Sando wins. Erza can't keep up in speed and strength.

Sando was blowing apart buildings and creating tsunamis with kai blasts.
Hm, this isn't a bad matchup imo but I give Sando the edge in destruction power and in reaction speed. Erza's various weapons and armors help her balance the fight somewhat though, even with Hapki blasts, I could see her Herculean Armor tank at least one or two. But overall I'd have to give it to Sando, she will outlast Erza as she is now.
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