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just note that after 165 airs, 2 week break goes into effect (yes, 2 weeks without bleach)
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So after those 2 weeks, there'll be filler hell again?
Actually, if you wanna get technical, we're going three weeks without Bleach.

Anyways, as for the upcoming episode, I'm not really sure what to expect quality wise. The animation looked pretty decent, but I wasn't so sure about the art. The preview only showed very brief glimpses of the action.
I want to know episode 166 animations quality from the preview of episode 165.

Coz episode 166, after two weeks it should be great, like ichigo vs grimmojow first fight animations quality.

I wish for the animations to be like that fight.

three weeks without Bleach :wha :arg

:argh :argh

Oh well, at least it doesn't suck like Shittuuden...I can wait as long as the episodes are QUALITY :wink

ON toipc: I predict Ichigo and Grimmjow fighting :zaru
I can't frickin wait for this episode though it's a shame it's not 166 because of what's gonna be going down in that ep. Still from the preview this ep looks like the perfect action ep and is amazing to see quality like this after getting a ton of well animated fights in the last few months.
Been waiting for Ichigo vs Grimmjaw for tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime and now a break??? Well I guess it's needed.
I hope it doesn't get too far into the action, because I don't want to wait three weeks with a huge cliff hanger ;___;
I predictz some Grimmjaw thrashin' and bankai Ichigo w/o mask fightzors to pump things up from the last time they fought. I also predictz a new technique. =]
I predict:

Orihime: :uwah
Grimmjow: POW POW POW
Hmm, sadly for 165 the best parts had been shown in the preview but it was done "okay", just with the bare minimum in terms of motion. This was the least important part of the fight thankfully anyway.

On the other hand the preview for 166 is absolutely stellar.
Meh, kinda have mixed feelings on this episode.

The Good:

Well, I thought the scuffle between Grimmjow and Ulquiorra was pretty well done. The feeling I got when I read it in the manga was "swift", and thankfully, that feeling was kept intact here. Another good part was the second half of Ichigo vs Grimmjow. Once Grimm got his sword back, the animation and art got good again.

The Bad:

Well, for the most part, both the art and animation were pretty jerky during most of the episode. The first half of Ichigo and Grimmjow's fight was handled very well in my opinion.

Also, while I liked the part where Grimm charged up his Gran Rey Cero and fired it off, I didn't like where it went from there. What it was supposed to be was a huge ass Cero that looked like it would absolutely decimate the pillar Orihime and Nel were standing on. Instead, it just looked like a small blue blob that Ichigo just kind of smacked away. It was animated well, I just didn't like the way it was handled. Here's how it looked in the manga:

So yeah, kind of an average episode. Not bad by any means, but not all that great. Luckily, like James said, this was the least important part of the fight. Next episode, like I predicted, looks to be somethin really special. It's gonna be a long ass three weeks :(
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