Episode 164 Discussion (DB Sub)

Am pretty sure there is going to be a huge censoring in one of the scenes in episode 164regarding Szayel.
Well Grimmy is probably going to use Inoue to heal up Ichigo so he can fight him. Guess Ishida and Renji are just going to keep on fighting Szayel (or his minions).
I predict that Grimmjow is going to kick Ichigo awake. I think the previously stated theory that Grimmjow is going to have Inoue heal Ichigo is a distinct possibility, but I'm not sold on it yet.
Whoa neat animation indeed..covered chapters 275, 276 and 277
and yes they edited the szayels special lunch scene, commence whining

also from the looks of things, next episode is set to cover 3 chapters as well. Guess with the fillers coming they can afford their usual pace
Censoring on the worst level. It was obvious that the animation team would play down that certain Szayel scene, but I wouldn't have though that they could manage to make it this bad and un-gory.
was either that or make it all off-screen
The animators must have loved Szayels chomping-expression so they picked the former

edit: at least they still allowed Szayel to do the eating of another living being, Grimm cant even snap off a leg
The censoring is a bit more extreme this time compared to shooting Szayel in the stomach rather than his neck, but honestly, if that was too much, what hope was there for this?

Also, I know it will be tempting, but don't go on discussing other things that will likely be censored if and until they come up in the anime.

As for the thread topic, I'm curious what anime-only people thought of the episode. Censorship aside, there were a few badass moments tucked neatly within.
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