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From episode 136 onward these Naruto episodes are what is known as fillers. In the original Japanese, the anime was catching up to the manga and so they created episodes so that the manga could get a bit ahead. Also, the two episode format continues as Cartoon Network has the schedule until the end of March. For discussion of the continuing English Viz manga canon please go to the English Manga Discussion subforum.

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146 - Remaining Ambition: Orochimaru's Shadow
147 - A Clash of Fate: You Can't Bring Me Down!

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(By request)

Filler countdown: 73 episodes to go (after these episodes air)

"His FIANCE'!?"
"Hmm. My radar must be off."
"Ya' THINK?!

First two minutes, and it's already good.
Seems they flash green instead of red during the stylized violent scenes, either to remove the blood like reference, or since red apparently can cause seizures for some viewers.
LOL. He put it in the hole. Innunedo FTW! I'm gonna go ol'skool for the moment and say that 4Kids would've went out of their way to just remove that one scene 'cause of my dirty mind :D.
They used green 'cause red is too blood-like.

EDIT: Did Naruto just call Mizuki a "lousy ass?"
Man, this animation is tops. It looks like the same guy who did the Sasuke vs Oro, Naruto vs Sasuke, and Lee vs Garra fights. Forgot his name though.
Oh no!!! You know what that is!!!

Mizuki turns into Tony the TIger

Second episode is up next!!! X3
Man, this animation is tops. It looks like the same guy who did the Sasuke vs Oro, Naruto vs Sasuke, and Lee vs Garra fights. Forgot his name though.

Seems similar to Norio Matsumoto's style, couldn't find the animation credits if it was actually his work or another's in similar style.
You know, I'm beginning to miss when there were title cards and they were read by Naruto :(.

EDIT: Whirlpool formation?
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