episode 11

I'm still clinging to the fact that Jun has a sister complex, and I've said it from day 1 and sticking to it to the bitter end :pek
The episode had a pretty good cliff hanger with Hiromi doubting Shin's feelings (from my perspective) and Noe believing that Shin's heart belongs to Hiromi.
I wonder what Noe has planned for that chicken? :pek
Jun is starting to bug me :pek

and lol i can see Noe throwing the chicken in the air only to find it fall and drown :lmao
That chicken is so going to get PWNED:yell

There's no way in hell it'll live if Noe decides to toss it up in the air. This whole chicken flying analogy is pretty lame IMO. There's no way in hell a chicken can fly in the first place. It was doomed from the beginning. I really hope Shin ends up with Noe in the end but I guess he'll end up with Hiromi now. BOOOOOOO :cry:cry:cry
Cliffhangers before dramatical and potentially dangerous events...

MY ONE WEAKNESS :argh!!!...
this series has a noeXshin ending written all over it, the moment he kissed hiromi destryoed the possibillity of those two giving the fact that the only girl he is yet to kiss is noe. I like both girls sucks that one of them (most likely hiromi) is going to get shafted.
im sick of jun... sick of his faggy ear ring, and sick of the way he always wears his scarf as tho it was a tie!!
im so glad hiromi pwned him and took him down a peg in this ep :pek
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