EoS Aizen vs OPM


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Aizen has planetary durability and ridiculous regenerative abilities, so nobody in One Punch Man can actually kill him yet. I'm pretty sure he has continental destructive abilities as well with the highest level Kido, plus he has Kyoka Suigetsu and the One Punch Man verse has no hax resist at all...

I'd say he clears.
King's Engine vs EOS Aizen's reiatsu. Dunno really which is more fierce.

One can shake the Earth according to rumors and scare Dragon level Monsters. The other can bring down the Royal Palace from all the way down to Seiretei which is like thousands of kilometers minimum distance.


EoS Aizen is immortal. Doubt he’s stronger than God, Saitama or Blast (hypothetically) but unless they can seal him away he’ll just keep going until they exhaust themselves. Might even grow stronger in the process because of the Hogyoku too. Although I’m sure God should have the necessary hax to deal with him.

However, (not counting God) the real problem here is that he can troll everyone with KS. They have no counter for that.


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OPM characters who are known quantities can't exactly do much here, no hax resistence. Insult to injury if Aizen gets the planetary scaling.
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He gets to the top tiers which can probably go either way between them and him as they have similar stats if I remember right.


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Mugestu didn't destroy him completely tho it just cut him in half. He can't regen from nothing at all.
It doesn't matter. EOS aizen should be even stronger than butterflyzen, AND he has KS. Dude should be sitting at low planet level at least and out haxes the verse


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Aizen probably still loses to Saitama and maybe a few who are currently unknown or limits not revealed yet. OPM isn't hax-centric , but in place of it is immense raw power, especially in physical might for the mc. Also, immortality doesn't make one invulnerable to fatigue or losing by way of knock out.


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Mugestu didn't destroy him completely tho it just cut him in half. He can't regen from nothing at all.
Everything besides pieces of his wings were completely obliterated in the manga.

Plus no one has an answer for KS. Even if he couldn't physically kill him, Aizen could just manipulate Saitama into jumping into space or something.


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As of right now, Aizen should clear fairly easily.

Eos opm chars are going to be in a whole different ballpark tho.

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Aren't bleach top tiers relativistic?

Bleach Hell Verse Calcs​

On the offhand chance that we are able to make a "non-canon" profile for Ichigo here are some calcs for it.

地獄は、様相の異なる幾つかの階層からなる ″多重世界″。~Hell Verse DVD set

The above translates to: Hell is, consisting of several layers of varying aspects, a "multiverse". Where 多重世界 specifically is in reference to Everett's many-worlds interpretation, also called multiverse theory. This meaning that in the movie each layer of Hell is a universe.

Ichigo in just his Bankai traverses 4 layers in 59 seconds towards the end of the movie. Assuming each layer to be 93 billion light years across and using S =D/T we get the following for his speed:

4*(8.8e26 meters)/(59 seconds) = 5.966e25 m/s or 1.989e17c or MFTL+


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As others have said, the real issues here are KS and Aizen being immortal. Can't see him taking an L right now. Though EOS OPM is going to be crazy. By that time, I wouldn't be surprised if Tatsumaki could beat him.
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