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Chapter Edens Zero Chapter 159 Spoiler/Discussion


Keyblade Master
Yes. Pino already tell us last week that she can sense Witch's life force, she confirms it.

Rebecca'll try to bring her to Sister (I personaly think that it's too late and she'll still die), then destroy All Links.

Shiki won't come before beat the shit out of Shura.

Laguna cried to active his Ether Gear on himself and escape the Princess's threads.


Well-Known Member
I wonder where Creeds or Seijis or whatever his name is plotline is supposed to lead. Feels weird to get this focus close to the ending of the arc.


Well-Known Member
Man I just want to get to the part where Shiki beats Shura’s face in. Still, Laguna was the MVP of this chapter.

So Ijuna wasn’t truly in love with Shura from Stockholm Syndrome. She used her powers on herself to make Shura think she was infatuated with him in a desperate attempt to stay alive.

Considering what he did to her, I don’t blame her for literally resorting to outright brainwashing herself to escape the suffering


Knight of Ange
So if I understand right, Ijuna used her EG strings to "love" Shura resulting in Stockholm syndrome. I guess that is one way to escape the constant torment she was going through. I got to say, not bad.

^ Agreed, Laguna has been awesome since he got on the ship and he is shining right now. I'm also glad he didn't go OverDrive. H doesn't need it yet.

Glad Witch is fine and will surely recover.


Well-Known Member
Props to Mashima. While I think the bomb up the ass thing was unnecessary, he did a good job with avoiding Ijuna and Shura’s relationship being in anyway romantic but thoroughly sick, twisted, and played as a very serious thing


Keyblade Master
I feel so sorry to Ijuna. She had to tie herself in love with Shura to stay alive, despite the torture and humiliation...

My boy Shiki, sinking more and more into darkness. That's not what Xenolith taught you.



Well-Known Member
Princess will need therapy for the rest of her life
I’m hoping she’ll play a part in Shura’s comeuppance. Especially if it turns out Shura really did end up loving her when she was brainwashed.

Like after he’s beaten, to rub salt in the wound she rejects or even beats him while he’s down as payback. She deserves the closure.

One thing Mashima has been pretty consistent in with Edens Zero is being downright brutal with the fate of some villains.

People just now getting into it with the anime will see what I mean with what becomes of Kurenai in a few more episodes.
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