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Contest Drawing Contest 6 First Choice Votes

Best entry?

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Final Model

Drawing Contest 6 First Choice Votes

This is where you pick your top choice among the contest .

Please vote for your first choice in this poll. Your vote will have a weight of 2.
And vote for your second choice in the poll. Your vote there will have a weight of 1.

  • Entrants may not vote for themselves.
  • You may not vote for the same entry in both polls.
  • Entrants who vote in BOTH the First Choice Votes and Second Choice Votes polls will receive a bonus 2 points towards their own entry.
  • Accounts that were made within or after the calendar month of the contest start cannot vote. (Newcomers who entered are permitted to vote.)
  • Critique and comments are highly appreciated. Please post them in this thread.
  • Consistent voters will get participation points
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Final Model
I gotta say, Entry 2 did a fantastic job making things look natural, given the challenging foreshortening required. The lighting also looks natural. I like the little dabs and strokes on the leading arm looking a lot like while retaining some simplicity.

Entry 3's got some cool ambiguity about the relationship between nature and machine going on. The ocean also looks very deep.

Entry 4 has some great underwater hair physics going on.

And Entry 1 looks like its getting ready for Halloween!
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