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Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Summary & Impressions -


The event should've started at 5 PM Japan's time, but due to the overwhelming number of people it got delayed by a total of 30 minutes. Eventually, the event started with a greeting from the main voice actors.

The atmosphere of the voice actors' introduction made me feel like I was at a WWE event. Each voice actor was called on stage while a roaring instrumental was playing in the background. The order in which they came on stage was: Masako Nozawa (Goku), Ryo Horikawa (Vegeta), Ryusei Nakao (Frieza), Aya Hisakawa (Bulma), Katsuhisa Hoki (Paragus), and finally, Bin Shimada (Broly). They all answered a few questions asked by the presenter of the event, Kaioshin Shin's voice actor, Shinichiro Ota.
Afterwards, they held a photo session and the people on the ground level could go and take pictures with the voice actors and mascots. I was on the second floor so I couldn't go, but guess who got the best view of the movie instead?

Anyway, that was it concerning the greeting event. From here on I'll write the summary. Note that some events might be in the wrong order as I'm trying to remember everything. I might also miss some details, but bear with me.



The movie start by going back 41 years into the past, where Planet Vegeta is suddenly swarmed by dozens of Planet Trade Federation (PTF for short) ships. King Vegeta is made aware of their arrival and a mass of Saiyans (most likely upper class) go to greet King Cold, who had just exited his ship. At this point in time, the Saiyans had already been affiliated with the PTF and have been working under King Cold for a while, but the purpose of this visit was to announce that the old king was going to retire and give command to his young son, Frieza. This marks the birth of the Frieza era of the PTF and he gives the Saiyans 500 scouters as a gift. While demonstrating the scouter's functions, Frieza notices that there were 3 Saiyan snipers surrounding him from within the castle walls and he dispatches each of them before they can even react with a Death Beam each. Frieza then says that he's got high expectations of the Saiyans and leaves the planet.

Afterwards, King Vegeta visits an underground chamber in which a small number of soon to be Elite Saiyan children were being nurtured inside their incubators. King Vegeta claims that his son is showing remarkable growth and that he's got the potential of a genius. A few meters away, Broly is also found inside one of those incubators and the Saiyan personal informs their king that the child shows abnormal power. One of their scouters even breaks while attempting to measure Broly's power level due to his fluctuating power. Shocked and in denial, King Vegeta decides to send Broly away, fearing that he might one day not only challenge his son for the throne, but also become a danger to the universe itself.
Therefore, Broly is soon extracted and placed inside a pod. Coordinates: Planet Vampa. An isolated planet devoid of human life. This doesn't go without catching the ear of Paragus and so he seeks audience with the king in hopes of changing his mind, struggle which turns out to be in vain. Angry and betrayed, Paragus vows to have revenge and leaves on a space ship with that Saiyan we see with him in the trailer (who happens to tag along) and goes after Broly. Their landing is rough, but they make it in one piece and soon go in search of Broly. The planet is full of those spider-crab like creatures and as the two Saiyans do their best to avoid them they eventually find kid Broly inside a nest, having devoured quite a few of them. After Paragus makes contact with his son he realizes that the child had turned into an Oozaru in order to ravage them (apparently there's a moon near Planet Vampa). This is when Paragus scans Broly and his power level as a kid is revealed to be 920.
After that, Paragus attempts to leave the planet but it's revealed that their tough landing severely damaged the ship, making it useless. In order to save food, Paragus kills the other Saiyan so that only him and Broly remain and activates a distress call...

Five years after Frieza's visit to Planet Vegeta the scene changes to Bardock returning from battle. He's having a discussion with his fellow Saiyan pilot and is very suspicious of Frieza's order of all Saiyans returning to their home planet. Bardock theorizes that Frieza might want to kill them so he visits Gine and decides to send Kakarot away to Earth (where he'd be safe) just in case. While reluctant, Gine agrees to that and we have a nice Superman moment in which Bardock hold a crying Gine close to him while their son departs the planet in a Saiyan pod. I forgot to mention that Bardock asks Gine about Raditz and she says that he's been placed in the same team with Vegeta.
On his ship, word about the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God legends have reached Frieza's ears, so he decides to eradicate the Saiyans together with Planet Vegeta in order to make sure that there's no possibility of those legends coming true.
As Frieza launches his Supernova at the planet, Bardock is the only Saiyan that launches a huge ki blast at it in an attempt to try and do something. Obviously, this fails and he's engulfed by the huge fireball as it makes its way into the planet and completely annihilates it.
Vegeta was on another planet, together with Raditz, Nappa and two other Saiyans. Nappa and the two other Saiyans are shocked to hear that "a meteor has destroyed Planet Vegeta" and they inform the Prince. Raditz says that they were lucky, while Nappa says that Vegeta supposedly had a brother as well (nice Tarble reference) and wonders what happened to him, to which Vegeta responds by saying that he doesn't care. Nappa then asks Raditz about Kakarot, to which he replies that he was a weakling so it doesn't really matter, but he does mention that he had received a message from Gine earlier in which she mentioned that she'd send Kakarot to Earth.

Time jump to the present day... Goku and Vegeta (Buu Saga outfit) are sparring on a deserted island, while Bulma with Bulla, Whis and Beerus are enjoying some food not too far away.
After their sparring session is over, Whis asks Goku why he seeks further strength, to which he replies that the ToP opened his eyes to all the possible strong being out there (we get a picture montage of most of the ToP contestants, including Ribrianne, Kefla and the Pride Troopers). Whis then asks Vegeta what his reason for seeking further heights is, to which he replies with "Frieza's imminent danger". Vegeta realized that Frieza made some huge gains back in RoF, and now that he's alive again there's the possibility of him becoming even stronger and attacking them again. Goku then naively tells Vegeta that he shouldn't be worried since Frieza helped them win the ToP, and then they get into a funny argument in which Vegeta tells Goku that he's way too stupid to grasp reality.
Bulma then receives a call from Trunks, who informs her that someone has stolen the 6 Dragon Balls she had collected as well as her Dragon Radar. Who could've done something like that? The answer of obvious: Frieza snuck two of his fodders on Earth in order to steal them and they were already headed towards the final Dragon Ball, which was located on the "arctic continent" as they call it. Since Beerus says that he's not interested and will stay behind, Bulma tasks him with babysitting Bulla until they're back.

Meanwhile, somewhere in space... we get introduced to Chirai and Lemo, who were tasked with finding strong people to join the Frieza Army. They happen to pass by Planet Vampa and decide to land there after the distress signal Paragus had set off 41 years prior is caught by their ship.
A very old and frail Paragus crawl out of a cave after he sees them and rushes to their side. The two scan his power level and the old man is worth 4200, which still amazes Chirai and Lemo. Before they can finish talking a giant crab-spider attacks them, but before it can do anything to them Paragus calls for Broly who rushes in instantly and one shots the creature. Impressed by him, they try to scan Broly's power level, but their scouters can't process his power level. Shocked, they decide to take them back to Frieza HQ.
Once there, Paragus and Broly meet Frieza. While Paragus is very polite and careful, Broly doesn't seem to give a shit and acts in a way reminiscent of Tarzan. Frieza informs Paragus that King Vegeta's son, Prince Vegeta, is still alive and well on Earth, which prompt Paragus to agree to share their strength for the sake of revenge. Next up there's a shower scene with Broly and he gets his new gear as well. Chirai invites the freshly showered Broly to their table in order to socialize, but a drunked Frieza fodder looking for trouble hits Lemo, which prompts a very annoyed Broly to kick his ass. Fearing that Broly is getting a little carried away, he pulls out his remote control and subdues Broly by activating his collar (which sends high voltage currents through his body in order to get him to forcefully calm down out of his rage tantrums). Disgusted by this performance, Chirai berates Paragus and manages to steal the remote control from his pouch without him noticing. A Frieza fodder calls for Paragus next, as Frieza seems to want to talk with him between four eyes.

Broly then goes with Chirai and Lemo somewhere quiet and they begin to bond. Broly explains that the green fur he's wearing comes from his very first friend. Planet Vampa displays two kind of creatures: the spider-crabs, and some gigantic green fur long necked dog-like creatures that live within the craters found on the surface of the planet. As a kid, Broly trained by continuously dodging the attacks of one of these green furred creatures, and by repeatedly doing so they became friends. One day though, Paragus attacked this creature, severing one of its ears. After that incident, the creature stopped interacting with Broly, and a saddened little B decided to wear the fur of that severed ear around him so that they'd always be together. After hearing this story, Lemo says that Broly is a really pure being, to which Chirai adds that she thinks Broly doesn't really want to fight, but instead is being used as a tool by his pathetic father in order to exact some vengeful agenda. They say Broly should ditch him, but the big guy says that he won't disobey his father.

Meanwhile on Earth, Bulma departed towards the arctic continent together with Goku, Vegeta and Whis. They ask why Bulma had been trying to collect the DBs, and she reveals that her wish is to become 5 years younger. This joke is a direct contrast to Frieza's wish (also a gag), which is revealed to be him wanting to grow 5 centimeters taller. In the meantime, the two Frieza spies have manged to find the last Dragon Ball and they call for Frieza's arrival on Earth.
As old enemies meet once again, Frieza introduces Paragus and Broly to Goku and Vegeta as another group of surviving Saiyans. Neither Vegeta nor Goku care about that and they hasten Frieza to return the DBs at once. Seeing Vegeta, Broly gets progressively impatient and Paragus then sics his son at the Saiyan Prince.

Vegeta vs Broly begins! Initially, Base Vegeta has the edge over Base Broly, but the latter soon catches up, making Vegeta claim that Broly seems to learn and get stronger as he fights. V then turns SSJ (thing that shocks Paragus) and pressures his enemy before he manages to catch up again. It is then that Vegeta reveals SSG and turns the tables around by completely dominating Base Broly, so much that he sends him flying through several mountains with a single punch.
Paragus falls to his knees, thinking that that is the limit of his son's power, but something was gradually awakening inside Broly. As the Saiyan Prince is about to finish off Broly, the latter gets angrier and angrier and his power explodes as he awakens an imperfect Ikari form. This allows Broly to once again pressure SSG Vegeta and catch up to him. While I'm not 100% sure of this, it seems that Paragus mentions how this Ikari form (yellow eyes with huge muscles) is Broly using the Oozaru's power while in human form, and that it is very hard to control.

Broly then swells up completely and achieves his completely Ikari form. Goku then steps in and says that it's his turn to fight Broly. Goku vs Broly begins!
As Broly becomes increasingly angrier and his screams are getting louder and more frequent (I'm not kidding) Goku takes the old approach of going from form to form in order to gauche his opponent's strength. Goku starts in base, but is quickly overwhelmed, which prompts him to go SSJ, but that doesn't change anything either. He then goes SSG and manages to seemingly paralyze Broly's movements with an unnamed but apparently new technique. As he's restricting Broly's movements, Goku goes on a monologue about how he thinks that Broly is not a bad person, but rather he just lets himself being influenced by the wrong people and tries to get him to calm down. Goku's effort is in vain, as Broly gets even angrier and breaks out of the paralysis by turning it back on Goku for a moment and then proceeding to grab him by the leg and throwing him around (like Hulk did to Loki). Broly then starts to trash Goku around the whole battlefield so bad that Goku kind of spaces out from the beating. I forgot to mention how during all of this commotion, Frieza instructs his goons to take the Dragon Balls and fly away from the battlefield.

It is then that Piccolo appears by telepathically contacting Goku (he's on the top of some hill on the other side of the Earth) and telling him not to give up and to keep fighting. Goku tells Piccolo that he's in trouble, to which Piccolo agrees, saying that he unfortunately can't come join him as he'd be of no use. Goku then comes back to his senses and goes SSB. It then turns into a back and forth battle until Ikari Broly launches the giant green ki blast attack seen in the trailer and trashed the whole battlefield, turning the landscape into a dying Namek kind of scenery. Goku managed to avoid any serious damage and then continues to fight Ikari Broly, holding his own.

Seeing how Broly seems to have reached a limit, Frieza questions Paragus if that is truly the limit of his son's power. Frieza remembers how killing Krillin back on Namek made Goku turn SSJ, so he decides to murders Paragus by launching a Death Beam straight through his chest. The lizard then shouts in order to get Broly's attention and tells him that his father has been killed as a casualty of their battle.
The sight of his father's corpse makes Broly lose his mind, and he turn SSJ in what I believe is one of the most awesome transformation sequences we've ever seen. After completing his transformation, an enraged Broly drowns the battlefield in a rain of ki blasts, and as Goku is starting to get overwhelmed Vegeta decides to join the fight as well and help him. SSJ Broly completely overwhelms both SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta together, even no selling their combined Kamehameha + Galick Gun combo with a ki blast of his own. Seeing as how things are looking bad, Goku grabs Vegeta and Instant Transmissions to where Piccolo is. As the two are now gone, Broly sets his sights on Frieza and proceeds to attack him.

On the other side of the Earth, Goku says that Broly is way to strong for them and the only alternative they have it fusing. Since there are no Potara around, Goku tries to persuade Vegeta into doing the Fusion Dance. This moment here is mostly a funny scene, as Vegeta knows that the dance is about and refuses to do such embarrassing moves, saying that he'd rather let Broly end everything instead. Goku then teases Vegeta by saying that Bulma will die because of him, to which Vegeta reacts with a little blush that finally gets him to agree.
The two Saiyans practice the dance, failing it the first two times which result in Veku and an anorexic Veku. A very important thing to note is the fact that it's explicitly stated how they had to wait 30 minutes in-between each of their fusion attempts, time in which Broly has been continuously brutalizing Frieza (for over an hour). Seriously, Frieza even goes Golden but SSJ Broly just keeps raping him over and over, even worse than GoD Toppo did during the ToP.
On their third attempt, Goku and Vegeta finally get the Fusion Dance right and then decide on a new name since Vegetto is reserved for their Potara fusion counterpart, and thus we get a scene in which Gogeta names himself.

Base Gogeta then IT's to the battlefield and saves Frieza from Broly by knocking him away. SSJ Broly then sets his sights on Whis and tries to attack him but ends up punching the air as Whis nimbly dances around hm while laughing for like 5 seconds. Gogeta then takes on SSJ Broly and manages to keep up with him in just his Base form for a little while. Gogeta then goes SSJ and as they clash, their power is so great that they end up transporting themselves into another dimension (which looks kind of like a mirror room filled with tons of differently colored layers). As the two fight each other they shatter (literally) several of these planes and Broly is soon forced to enter his SSJ Full Power state (LSSJ), which prompts Gogeta to go SSB as well. They continue trashing the dimensions by breaking them until they finally return back to Earth. There, SSB Gogeta continues to fight Broly by dominating him for the remainder of the fight. Despite Broly continuing to power up, SSB Gogeta just responds with even more power that overwhelms the savage Saiyan.

Elsewhere, Chirai and Lemo decide on using the DBs to save Broly because they know he's just being used. They summon Shenron (who seems to only grand one wish now) and prepare to make a wish. Meanwhile, SSB Gogeta charges one massive Kamehameha in order to put an end to a losing Broly, and just as the beam was about to connect Chirai wishes for Broly to be transported back to Planet Vampa, saving his life in the process.

As soon as the wish was granted, Chirai and Lemo hijack one of Frieza's smaller ships and decide to go after Broly. A sly Frieza notices this and was about to shoot down their ship when Gogeta stops him. Annoyed by the fact that his plans failed yet again Frieza decides to leave, but not before warning Gogeta that he'll be back. The scene then switches to a babysitting Beerus, who is relieved that everything turned out well. Some time later, Frieza is seen in his main ship during the middle of a planetary assault (looks like a Star Wars scene, with many Frieza ships shooting lasers at a near planet). He says that while he might have failed this time around, this ordeal has brought forth an interesting development which might come in handy in the future.

On Planet Vampa, we see a bandaged and battered up Broly sharing some of his food with Chirai and Lemo who finally arrived. They both almost threw up because the food is disgusting. That's when Goku shows up by IT'ing all of a sudden. He's come to visit Broly and to bring some gifts as well. He sets up a Capsule house (courtesy of Bulma), brings some food and gives Broly two Senzu Beans. While Chirai is very suspicious and hostile towards Goku, the latter mentions how he just wants to visit Broly once in a while so they can fight some more. Goku then goes on to say that Broly is an incredible fighter and that he might even be stronger than Beerus. The movie ends with Broly warming up to Goku with a smile as our hero IT's back to Earth.

Credits then roll and "Blizzard" starts playing.

That was one heck of a summary. Art and animation-wise, this movie blows everything we've ever seen before out of the water. The fights are very, very fluid and beautifully drawn and choreographed. Hell, half the movie is one bight over-the-top fight. For those that love seeing a good old DBZ fight this movie will be Heaven on Earth.

As for Broly himself... He is portrayed as a pure being. He's introduced as a literal savage reminiscent of Tarzan. A man of few words and uneducated. When calm he does not show a semblance of malice, but it is his uncontrollable rage that brings him to turn into a monster. Overall, Broly himself is just a victim of his father's vengeful agenda, which was imposed onto him ever since he was a child. This is more or less how the movie tried to portray Broly. While it's implied that he kind of knows his father is using him, he can't bring himself to disobey his father. Broly going SSJ in a hellish manner after witnessing his father's dead body tells you everything you need to know about their relationship. Broly cared for father! But this is not the only bond he creates throughout the movie... he gets close to Chirai and Lemo, and in the end seems to have taken a liking to Goku as well. He survives the events of this movie and it's implied that he'll continue to reach new heights.

The plot itself is not that bad. The past section which opens the movie is very well done and the pacing is perfect. It shows the most important points of what needed to be known for a story set-up. And although many of you are well aware of my dislike for DB Minus, I was surprised in a good way how they actually had Bardock try to fight back Frieza, even if for a few moments.

There are some good gags and there are some bad gags. Frieza's wish itself is ridiculed in the movie when Kikono is astonished by how the emperor has given up on his life-long wish for immortality. It is Berryblue, Frieza's personal attendant, who reveals Frieza's wish of wanting to become 5 centimeters taller. Kikono mentions how Frieza already has his super tall second form and suggests using that instead, to which Frieza responds in a very childish way that he wants to grow taller in his Final Form specifically. When Kikono asks as to why the hell Frieza wants to become just 5 centimeters taller, the latter nonchalantly answer by saying that any more than that would be too drastic of a change.
As previously mentioned, in contrast to Frieza's wish, there's Bulma's wish of wanting to become 5 years younger. Whis himself teases Bulma by asking her as to why stop at 5 years? Why not more? Which prompts Bulma to answer by saying that it would be too drastic of a change.

Another problem I have with the movie is how a lot of major characters are completely absent. Gohan is nowhere to be seen, same for Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Android 18. And while Piccolo has been featured among the bigger characters in promotional material, he only appears for about 10 minutes and his biggest highlight is assisting Goku in teaching Vegeta the Fusion Dance.
Yet another problem I had with the movie if how is fucks up Frieza's character. The mighty emperor of the universe has given up on his life-long dream of becoming immortal in favor of gaining 5 more centimeters to his height. Despite Vegeta hyping Frieza up as a potential threat in the near future, his role in the movie is reduced to being an intergalactic taxi for Paragus and Broly, as well as acting as the latter's punching bag before running away defeated.

Visually, this is a 10+ movie, but if I wager in the plot and other details as well, it drops down to a 7.5 or 8.


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Soo many questions :

Oozaru form power from broly?



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Damn @Zef

Frieza is confimed cuck , meme and the new yamcha . He got a worse beatdown than toppo LMAO, looks very bad for him. Sad..

Btw that cooler thing was fake?

Arles Celes

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The best part: Freeza threatening Gogeta that "He will be back". :LOS

Gogeta: Dude, I'm like a thousand times stronger than you and just saved you sorry lizard tail. :p


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Wow, this is extremely detailed. I don't think I will read all of it because I need SOME Spoilers but I did read the part i was most concerned about. Good job, this is a fantastic summary from what I have seen.

Ok, so what I heard from Geekdom is that Base Broly beats Super Saiyan God Vegeta but has trouble with Base Goku. Is that true? I was really infuriated upon hearing that


"The one thing they love more than a hero, is to see a hero, fail, fall, die trying."
So I'm willing to bet the next time we see broly. He'll have an ssj4 form.
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