Convo Dragon Ball Convo #12: A Happy Ending... And Then...

Will the DBS anime return in 2022?

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Your unborn bro
Unrelated to anything but


pretty fucking sure


Is dead
And i try to ignore it every once in a while, hoping he had just quit his forum

And most of ya'all would be reasonable to think that
But man

Go on his profile, check last date active

The things he pm'd me on that same day

Worried me back then

And are fucking harrowing now
God damn it man.

The reason im posting this is
I hope im wrong

I hope someone here has communications with him outside the forum
I don't need him to come back or console me or anything

I just want to know this ^ (use bro) is alive
Woah, it has been a while since I've seen @Jibutters. Hopefully he has just changed his name or has decided not to post here anymore, rather than the worst case scenario. I hope is doing okay at least.


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Is anyone bored of the db battle dome?

it’s just the same top tier characters being put against each other all the time. Gets boring after a while.
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