Don't you think 393 was a little too dragged?

Nah, it was the right length.

If everything was done as efficiently as possible, the manga would be quite a bit less effective.
^lol. :oh "I'll take them slowly. I want to savor this." If Itachi is really putting on an act, he's a damn good actor.
He had to streach it out, that was the whole point.

Itachi slowly advancing towards the utterly helpless Sasuke, after all this fighting, and finally... falling over.
Superb chapter. Although, it puts to rest all the Susano-o = invincible garbage threads. Susano-o itself is not invincible. It was the items that Itachi collected. So, Susano-o weilded from the eyes of another Mangekyou Sharingan user is still a mystery, but not nearly as impressive as Itachi's (Madara might prove me wrong, though)...
But what if Susano'o is the technique that allows you to summon those items? Then, in theory any Uchiha that can activate Susano'o can also summon them.
I still like it :D i dont think it was dragged :3 it was epic for me
neg me if you have to but i enjoyed it
it freakin sucked he could have did that in 5 pages but then sasuke started throwing kunia they didn't even say anything new "i want your eyes" that all i remember
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