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You think he'll get a promotion from Gennin to Jounin? or maybe he'll become a special Jounin? what do you guys think?
Rank has really no significance. Though I think it bothers Naruto a little bit, still bigger things are going on.
Doesn't annoy me. But...I don't want him to be a Special Jounin. I'd rather him join the ANBU, than that. But...he should go from Genin to Jounin, yeah.
I think when Naruto says in the chuunin exams that he'll become Hokage even if he remains a genin foreever was a foreshadowing of what is really going to happen.
I really don't care about Naruto's rank nor does it annoy me in the slightest that he is still a Genin. I never think about it anyway, and BTW, Sasuke is actually still a "Genin" as well if you look at it that way, so who cares ? Rank has really no significance and from what we have seen Naruto is way above Genin anyway, even without offical confirmation.
When it comes to Naruto we need to 'think outside the box'. Regular labels don't stick well to him. I think he regrets still be labeled genin but he knows he hasn't been in the village to take various tests. But he doesn't think he's not-as-good as his peers. And neither do the people that matter (i.e. Kakashi, Tsunade, Jiraiya). Naruto is just....Naruto. They'll need to make a new label someday named after him for hyperactive late bloomers.
I must admit it nags me occasionally that he's a Genin. After all, he is out to get everyone to acknowledge him, and it seems a bit sad that he's not seen to be good enough to move up the ranks a bit.

Although on the other side of the argument, Naruto does manage to mess up and look like a fool quite often. For example - the episode where everyone did a test with groups of three kids from the academy. Naruto had nothing to teach Konohamaru and friends and proved pretty useless at lots of ninja survival aspects.

He only really seems to be good at being loud and beating people up. Not very subtle...
it doesnt matter, he will probably wipe the floor with the other genin in the chuunin exams smile-big since his level is way above genin
I still want to see an arc with Sai, Naruto and another new Genin in the Chuunin exams. Not nearly as long and drawn out as the first one though...
Overall though, it does not bug me that Naruto is still a Genin.
Attaining the higher level ranks are not just about brute strength or fighting ability. Just because you're stronger than most chuunin and a few jounin, doesn't mean that you necessarily should be the same rank as them.

We've known that Chuunin require a type of leadership ability, and now it's shown that most, if not all Jounin can manipulate at least two chakra natures, hinting that it may be a requirement. Naruto will at the very least need to fulfill some of those requirements if he wants to attain a higher rank.
Naruto_Genesis said:
I think when Naruto says in the chuunin exams that he'll become Hokage even if he remains a genin foreever was a foreshadowing of what is really going to happen.

That is really insightful. I like that.

It does bother me, but only because it probably bothers him a little bit.
I think he's got more important stuff to do; backing off Akatsuksi (helping other bijuu) + getting back Sasuke before its too late... which he doesnt really care about becoming a Chuunin yet, because his friends are more important to him as it seems, because in the past, it tells Naruto will protect his friends no matter what.

"I want to be hokage so I can be acknowledged by everyone".

He is surely acknowledged by everyone; but in order to keep that in mind, he knows that he has to protect his beloved friends, or else, to be a hokage without protecting his precious friends will regret him.
i agree he should have been given a special upgrade unless of course he won't get anything until he suddenly becomes hokage
I am annoyed he only has like 4 or 5 jitsus. Some he has not used in over 200 chapters. We need 5 more jitsus atleast from him.
I agree. I'm getting slightly tired of Naruto constantly using Kage Bunshin to solve everything. There's got to be SOMETHING it can't do...
The reason why Naruto is so comfortable with spamming Kage Bunshin is because it used to be his worse jutsu. Sort of as a reminder of how his determination can make him successful. Besides, Naruto doesn't and won't ever seem like a jutsu heavy character, the guy isn't one to think carefully about what jutsu would be the most effective against someone.(Though this has gotten better post-skip.)
First off naruto has become an expert of cloning so i would assume he would use it alot.

Now for a crazy theory on what Naruto will do to rise in the ranks (chances are it wont but what the hell, i might get lucky). Ok after all this training Naruto and the gang go after Sasuke and for what ever reason, drag his sorry ass back to town (im not a sasuke fan but if you gota make a team for naruto, why not him). Eventually the Chuunin exam is brought up and Naruto and Sasuke and who ever else they can find do it. They fight and remember old times and quickly crush any one in thier path. It will be funny, especially seeing those 2 having to pick on such low level ninja by comparision. Then we get a long explanation on where to go from there.
i think kishi is employing some irony here. not only will naruto become hokage, but he will be a hokage that will technically only be genin rank. the genin hokage. you can talk trash about him, cuz he will own you.

i like that idea, its funny.
i think he would be more of an inspiration for little kids, rookie genins and everyone in general if he becomes hokage as a genin. i can't see a better example of the will of fire than naruto as a genin hokage
He'll probably become genin>hokage. It was sorta foreshadowed in the 30 chaptersish's.

It doesn't bother me though, he's stronger and even though he's rank doesn't say it it is.
Glorified trophies, ranks are. If anything, it's better for Naruto because he has the element of surprise. He'll definitely have it for the first parts of a fight against a certain person he's training to beat. Oh, and that person he's trying to beat is still officially genin ranked, yet he's clearly a Jounin. Kabuto as well. Believe me when I say that ranks are a bit on the overrated side.

Something that's been bothering me—being able to use more than one nature is not a Jounin requirement. It was said that usually most Jounin could use at least two natures. It's not a prerequisite or some mandatory requirement to control more than one nature to become a Jounin.

Besides, his promotion's been hinted at, too, at least three or four times (I've pics complete w/ explanations to back it up). Now compare that to the one time he said he didn't care if he'd stay genin as long as he became Hokage. Also, blahblah about his leadership ability. Naruto can be a leader. He is a leader, or else people wouldn't rely and count on him as much as they do. Hell, if Konoha deemed that Kiba and Hinata can lead, Naruto definitely can. And when you're a Jounin, you have all the attributes of a Chuunin, but you're also very skilled and strong individually. With this training, Naruto's definitely gaining the latter, and since he's set to completely surpass Yondaime Hokage, his leadership skills will see a massive increase.
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