Does it make sense why sarada has poor eye sight


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Just a character design, no ninjas have poor eyesight, even near blind Uchiha can fight at the higher end of kage level and tag targets from over a hundred feet out and Onoki at 79 (who should need telescope glasses) could fight as efficiently as the other kage in transition and close to 100 now still doesn’t wear glasses

Sasuke had several different types of dames simping over him to serve the romantics, Karin filled the shy but a freak librarian role (which isn’t done without glasses to take off and bite, this is the only reason she has them)

Sarada is probably trying to be portrayed as the scholar or thinker of the team by the production crew, and so the glasses were given to her, despite Misuki being well beyond her mental capability due to inheriting Orochimaru’s extraordinary IQ and likely being trained/tutored personally by him since birth
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she literally can't have poor eyesight because of sharingan. that was made only design-wise without any logic attached

True, Kishi even said it was a design thing. The eyes aren't effected in and of themselves, anime made it appear that way. However, when sharingan activates no weakness has been shown.


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Her eyesight is too good - she literally sees through one’s pores and shit when she looks at them, the glasses worsen her eyesight a bit so she can see like a normal person.
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