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Do you think orochimaru knew about kara and karma


Well-Known Member
Orochimaru has always been in the know of what's going on in the ninja and world and underground.

And the anime has been hinting him doing secret missions protecting the ninja world and seems mitsuki was created for a mission.

So you think orochimaru is still in the know?


eltiT resU motsuC
No because Kara hadn't been thought up yet while Kishi was writing Naruto etc.

But in universe? Sure why not. Kara was very much a secretive underground thing for the longest time. But I'm sure Oro heard some rumours at least, and had a few of his sound ninja investigating and spying. And you could say that his research in cursed seals was bordering on Karma territory, so maybe he uncovered some stuff about Karma in his research about seals. He just didn't know it was Karma he was recreating. Oro did talk about wanting to find out what happened if you combined all jutsu and chakra into one perfect being. So who knows, maybe he ran into some vague knowledge about the Otsutsuki and chakra fruit as well. Just didn't know what to call it and how to place it exactly.
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Kras Lee

Well-Known Member
idk about kara but karma ? the curse mark is almost the same as karma lol.. orochimaru obviously knew about it but how ? was the childhood of orochimaru been shown in naruto ? could he be a failed vessel for an otsutsuki ?


eltiT resU motsuC
was the childhood of orochimaru been shown in naruto ? could he be a failed vessel for an otsutsuki ?
We've only seen him like once as a child in a very short flashback. I think all we got from that scene was that he was a lonely and creepy child. He was an orphan, and found a white snake at his parents grave at some point. So, sure, he could have been a failed experiment. We don't know.
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