Do you dance ?

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Are you a dancer ?

I don't take classes. I just learn some dances online or from friends.
I go to parties and dance and stuff that's about it.
Im not really a dancer what about you ?

P.S: If you do dance , what's your favorite move.
You guys are hilarious, lol.
But seriously, dancing is just having fun and moving your body to the music, you cant all be as bad as you described.
My mother thinks I'd be good at belly-dancing... but I'm too insecure about my body to dance.
My second sister, however, is an excellent dancer.
Yeah I dance. Mostly on Clubs with the crew mostly near a group of girls lol.. most of the time I just bumped my head. I dont take lessons or anything haha F that. I like to hit the beat with a combo, sort of 3 step top rock, dice/fist pump action to the chicken wing dance. Thats my move
I used to breakdance in high school entered competitions too:del...although I wasn't very good.I dance when I get excited now lol
I've performed choreographed dances before and received compliments. I can dance well to a good beat, if that's what you mean.

No dance lessons. Monkey see, monkey do.

Favourite move? I'm not even sure what the name is.
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