Do you consider Itachi an Anti-Villain?


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An anti-villain is a character in a film, drama or literary work who pursues undeniably villainous ends, but employs methods that are arguably noble in order to advance his interests.

Do you consider Itachi an anti-villain, based on the definition given above?

/add some other Itachi-related information later.
How are Itachi's methods "noble"? Killing his family? Torturing his brother? Joining an organization meant on global catastrophe?

i suppose he could be an anti-villain according to some, but most peopel would just call him a villain. he only does stuff 4 himself anyway
Itachi just does whatever is in his best interest so his loyalty seems questionable. He is without a question a villain though.
Do you consider Itachi an anti-villain, based on the definition given above?

/add some other Itachi-related information later.

I think that this definition applies more to the likes of Catwoman or Venom (sometimes), rather than someone like Itachi. Those two want Money or Revenge, but generally can show a selfless side at times. Itachi murdered his entire Family, and wants to stealhis little brothers eyes, in order to enjoy an unending Power Trip. He's just a Villain.
It would have been better if you listed examples of Itachi's methods that are "arguably noble". If indeed there were any :sag

Well, okay, lets take a look.

Torture? No.
Killing your best friend(for power no less)? No.
Killing your parents and part of your clan? No.
Contributing to the death of Jinchuuriki by participating in sealing? No.
Being in Akatsuki at all? No.
Incinerating what you believe is the lower half of your little brother? lol, no.
No. Pein is most likely the anti-villain.

I don't think so.

When Pein overthrew Hanzou by killing him, he also killed everyone related to him even if they were innocent. Is that noble?

Pein is the leader of a group of criminals. It doesn't matter that he didn't establish the organization. I doubt he's leading it against his will, and I'm sure he knows all about Itachi's, Kisame's, Sasori's, etc., colorful pasts.

He seals Jinchuuriki, killing them in the process.

He wants to acheive peace, which is noble, but his methods are very very twisted. He wants to do it through war, fear, and suffering, by making people feel the pain he did as a child. Anyone sane knows that's not noble.

If anything, he's a horrible perversion of an anti-hero with a misguided goal. So basically, he's a crazy villain.

Itachi is the same as haku and kimimaro in terms of "viallain"

...wait, how?
Itachi isn't doing what he's doing out of love and loyalty for someone else.

He's doing everything for himself and to ascend to new levels of power, unless miracolously proven otherwise.
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Itachi is just a villain. With the ambiguity gone after the curtain was lifted, any doubts about his ruthlessness were quelled.
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