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Do Any Shonen Series Other than Dragon Ball Emphasize the Importance of Training?

By this time, it is practically a cliche in shonen series for a character to have amazing growth potential, and, thus, be able to fight evenly, or even defeat, characters who have had far greater experience than they have had. However, Dragon Ball, despite being one of the best-known and most influential shonen series ever, does not employ this trope nearly as often as do the series that it has inspired; Gohan, Goten, and Trunks have greater growth potential than do Goku and Vegeta, but Goku and Vegeta compensate for that by training more frequently and more intensely. Numerous times have characters in that series wished for awesome power, but other characters have repeatedly emphasized how they lack training and actual experience, which proves to be a critical flaw, so I am now wondering if any other shonen series emphasize the importance of training and experience over raw potential.

What does everyone else say about this? Do any shonen series other than Dragon Ball emphasize the importance of training?


Man of Miracles
Naruto has a recurring theme of hard work overcoming natural talent

And the next generation surpassing the old

Tho it usually fails to deliver on the former after the time skip admittedly

The Great One

Well-Known Member

Because there are barely any Shonen MC who shows the consistency Goku/Vegeta does.

Hard work is not about training for few days like majority of Shonen MCs does its more about consistency like Goku and vegeta.

By DB standard majority of Shonen characters are lazy asses.

Adamant soul

Well-Known Member
Shaman King was good in this respect in that, even though Yoh came from a old family of powerful pure-blooded Shamans, he still had to train and put the effort in, in order to become truly exceptional. His own laziness was his own worst enemy in the early goings of that series, until Anna came in and forced him to train. :maybe

Ghost Reaper Girl has been off to a good start so far. Even though it doesn't show us Chloe training, we are told that they're training off panel and we see the fruits of it when Chloe learns to use Kai's Hound Chain. And this is despite her being naturally very powerful to start with. I can only hope Ikeda keeps it up.

Meanwhile Bleach (in one of its biggest failings) is literally the opposite of this where, not only does it NOT emphasize the importance of training over natural talent, mid-fight gains tend to make what little gains they get in training irrelevant and anyone without natural talent is fucking useless.

Unfortunately most Shounen tend to go down Bleach's road in this, rather than Dragon Ball's. :facepalmed
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