Digiclipse: Kids believe they are going to the Digital World

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If digimon were real I'd get me one then take over the world. Then I'd laugh like this :kukuku

Stuepid kidse. Digiman are an TV's shouw
The Poketologists won't stand for tis, arm yourselves with silver balls and prepare to capture there digimon partners!

If that fails they have their allies the scientologist, who will rain Xenu on you all.
No! They can't open the portal, scum like Piedmon, MaloMyotismon and the D-Reaper will have a chance to attack our world!

How do I remember such things...
*Strolling by, absentmindedly spinning Jashin pendant around on her finger*




:D Much bettah.
Eh, as long as this doesn't lead to some mass suicide and/or killing spree it seems harmless enough.

For some reason this post made me think of some Jewish person in Europe when the Nazis took control. I don't know probably because of the hours of history channel i watched today...
Huh? I thought Digimon died down 5 years ago... o_o I only knew that Pokemon is the repetitive one that never dies down and always is a repeat of the previous year.
Some people take things to heart far too much. Believe me, no matter how hard you try you cannot fly by just thinking real hard and jumping off a cliff without really using your head and possibly designing an system that allows you to fly(such as an plane).
That has to be some kind of April Fool's joke. Aw, nothing else particularly interesting on the site, lots of the sections are under construction and such. The words sound convincing enough. It is oddly sweet in a way, with lines like, "it's good to know that we're slowly but surely gathering in the believers to help achieve our common goal; to realise our digimon in physical form, or perhaps, simply bring us that step closer in our eternal bond." Must be a lonely world for people who would join something such as that. I had the hots for Ken Ichijouji when I watched Digimon. xD
thats what happens when you let them watch digimon to early ??

if you do the same thing with dragon ball z, they'll probably jump off the balcony trying to fly
one thing you should know you should NEVER just walt in the digital world what i mean is ok lets go hypetheticly (sorry if its wrong never have to type that) jenni needs help with myotismon he'll just get you you wait till they need you and not just go there and go camping there has to be a reason i'm just saying because i looked at alot of people and they wanted to go to the digital world just wait thats all i'm saying don't have to listen to me spam if you want its the truth they'll come to you

want to hear a joke

digimon emperor has been punched more times then myotismon being killed
I thought of Digimon when I read the title, surprise surprise it is about them :iria

I kind of like this show, It was cool. ;33
old thread is ressurected :hmm

Wonder if the kids involved with this have moved on with their lives, or if its still going strong
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