Digiclipse: Kids believe they are going to the Digital World

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Project Digiclipse

Just what is it about?

Project digiclipse is the combination of hope, belief, and the theories of members of all digimon believers. The point is, we believe that digimon exist, and we are determined to find a way to bring them to us. The way we attempt to do this, is simple, yet hopefully effective. We gather all the belivers that we can find, and focus on our goal at the exact same moment all around the world, hold our digivices to the sky, and the laws of mind over matter tell us that we can achieve our goal; a digital portal opening somewhere nearby.

Your toy Digivices?

They may be toys, but many of them are a symbolic or even spiritual connection to our partners, and act as a bridge between our world and the digital world by sheer love and belief. That's what this entire project was based on, the power of the mind, and our connections, if not just our belief. It's been proved throughout history that if you believe in something, it can happen. Take for example, the placebo effect. If you give a sick man a substance that will do nothing to aid or harm him, such as sugar, and tell him it's medicine, studies prove that he will get better simply because he believed he would.

I don't have a digivice, can I still take part?...

Of course! As it's been stated, the digivices are mostly symbolic, though some say the have a connection to the digital world, they aren't necessary. Some people don't use anything, some are using their cell-phones, one person even said they were using their stuffed toy, so theoretically speaking, you could use anything that you feel a connection to digimon with. As long as you believe, something is bound to happen!

But will this actually work??

Well, we can't tell you whether or not it will work, as it has not been attempted by anyone before. This is sort of a hopeful experiment, but even if a portal doesn't open, it will bring us all closer and hopefully weaken the barrier between the worlds.

I'd like to help, is there anything I can do?

Yes! You can take part, email digital.black.lake@gmail.com with the subject "digiclipse" to be added to an alert list, and be kept updated with all the developements, and the actual event date.

When will this be taking place?

An actual time and date isn't set, infact, we don't have much of a speculation about what time of the year it would take place in, or even if it would be this year. But we'll keep you posted.

Logh - Everytime A Bell Rings, An Angel Gets His Wings

Your thoughts on today's youth?
When I first saw that site, I was a non-believer. But then, as I explored the contents of the site, I quickly came to an e-orgasm. My mind flooded with new sensations and emotions. And it dawned on me; THIS WAS THE TRUTH. This was the origin of the world; the answer to all of the questions of the Earth. The creator of Digimon was the Jesus of the Digigods, the holy prophet destined to do what Moses had done; lead his people to his promised land, the Digiworld. Everything started to make sense. Digimon, as an anime, was used to effectively spread to the future believers the TRUTH. And from this, 20 "apostles" would rise above the legions of "disciples" to lead the movement. The were the 20 "digi-destined". They were to spread the truth, using the forums to pervade the future followers. They would explore, eventually, the foreign regions of the Digiworld; they would reach the promised land, the utopia, the paradise long searched for in various religions. But, they were all wrong. There is no heaven. There is no hell.

There's the fuckin' digital world.
I just got back you guys.

This is the real deal.

I was gone for 3 years and I had a beard and everything- but when I got back I was only got for 2 minutes.

I don't know what's going on.

I want to go back.

My work wasn't done. :-(
The actual event will be epic. Too bad I won't live long enough to see it. I'm quite sure that goes for their members too. :LOS
Canada is so isolated and behind the times.

They're like the white basketball players of the world. There's no use for them but to stand there help us look diverse.
Digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions! Leomon you're mine! This is like a fan fiction, but what the heck digital world here i come...
Err.. :uwah

I suppose this could be viewed as simply another level of acting out your fantasy as much as possible, but geez.

And yeah.. as much as i dislike pokemon simply because IT... WONT... DIE.. id have to say that its better then digimon.

I feel dirty for replying to this thread..better go shower. again.

i'm gonna do it for the heck of it.
I loved digimon as a kid. I'm gonna tell all the kids at school
Now I have to find my old digivice
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