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When Orochimaru spouted out of Sasuke's back with the Hydra Technique, which happened because Sasuke was out of chakra, he goes on saying a speech that how he will take over Sasuke's body, and how he has been waiting and planning for this ever since his own jutsu got backfired on him by Sasuke.

Immediatly Itachi stabbed Orochimaru with the Sealing blade that Susanoo was holding, and sealed him away within Sasuke or somewhere else. So my question is did Itachi hate the thought of Orochimaru infesting his little brother and controlling his Sharingan eyes, or could Itachi careless and stabbed Orochimaru with the genjutsu blade, just for the sake of finishing Orochimaru quickly ?
Itachi did it because Orochimaru wanted to kill him. There was also no room for negotiating because they both wanted the same thing. Something they couldn't/wouldn't share.

Itachi indirectly and only with the worst of intentions, saved Sasuke. Or so I believe. The other option is that Itachi is a "good guy" and at this point that will be the plot twist of Naruto that knocks me out of my chair.
I think he just did it to kill him. I mean either way he couldn't have him infesting Sasuke's body anyway so i think he did it more for himself.
No, by coming out of Sasuke and preparing to attack, Orochimaru stood in the way of Itachi and his dream. So, that obstacle had to be eliminated and it was. Itachi still helped Sasuke because in any other scenario where Sasuke was low on chakra and exhausted, Orochimaru could have taken over his body. Sasuke is very fortunate that Orochimaru just happened to make his move in this figtht.
I don't think it was done on purpose...Itachi being good at this point and willingly helping Sasuke would just be ridiculous (I still see his crazy face in my dreams...scares the shit out of me). He just wanted to be done with Orochimaru as quickly as he could so he could use Susanoo to get Sasuke's eyes. I also think he did it to make Sasuke feel totally, absolutely helpless...a feeling, I believe, which will make him develop the Mangekyo sharingan...that's just my opinion tho, and probably wrong, but I still kinda like it ;)
I dunno about helping him but it sure looks like it since it took less than a second for Itachi to get rid of him lol. I think there ll be a plot twist surfacing in the next chapter. And I don't think it ll involve taking sasuke's eyes.

But then again what do I know
This post is purely based on the influence I had by reading too many Ackwell's post.

No you are all wrong. Itachi knew that once Orochimaru took over Sasuke then he would never win. Orochimaru genius as the best with the Sharingan is god. Itachi would have pissed in his pants. Long live God Orochimaru.

:) just kidding Ackwell. I like Orochimaru but yah, I think Itachi just killed him because Kishi didn't want to give Orochimaru too much screen time.
I don't think he cared whether it helped sasuke or not, he simply never liked oro. It doesn't seem like it would be of immediate help to sasuke either and itachi obviously doesn't care what happens to him after he has his eyes.
Yes.. the truth behind Itachi's action was to stop Orochimaru. Itachi knew he'd have to get Sasuke very pissed off at him and exhaust all his chakra, to bring Orochimaru out, so that he coul dhit him with the Susanoo's blade. Itachi is a good guy.

Don't think so

I don't think Itachi purposely saved Sasuke. He was waiting to strike the first thing that came at him. He looked just as surprised as Sasuke did when Oro started taking over Sasuke's body, but nonetheless, carnage followed. It's victim?....Oro
Well I think it's better that oro isn't in sasuke anymore!
I could not sleep if I knew that Oro lives in me! :laugh
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