Demitri vs Ryoko

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On a plain of existence below the space Earth orbits is a world called Makia. A single known continent, to call it a thousand times larger than the combined landmass of Earth would still be an understatement. Ghouls, goblins and countless other demonic creatures roam the continent. The Forests do not stay put, the marshes are toxic, underground poisons spill out from the mouth's of caves the still seas burn hotter than most flames, the oceans surrounding the continent are littered with ice that approaches absolute zero.

In the center of the world exits a volcano that unleashes a constant blizzard of flame. Though in a period comparable to a few Earth months the flames die down and a gate appears to the human world. The Vampire Lord Jedah had discovered this gate, and destroyed his body trying to drain its power.

Jedah wanted the power, believing only he could save the damned world. Its ruler Belial did nothing to control the constantly warring denizens or improve the conditions of life but was too powerful for Jedah, or anyone else to challenge. 100 years later Jedah's body had been restored and he awoke to a Makai in even more turmoil.

His next play for power began inside Jedah's newly created dimension of Majigen. Jedah sent his servant Lilith, to gather souls necessary to create an Antichrist child, one who could purge the world of Makai so that Jedah could then mend it. As Lilith left him however, Jedah's plan was foiled by something he never expected. A large tunnel ripped open in the sky of Majigen and sunlight, one of the few things that could permanently end Jedah's life, poured through and blanketed the world with light that instantly obliterated the vampire.

Then from the portal fell Ryoko Hakubi and Ryo-Ohki. One a woman dressed in red with unnatural, spiky, silver hair and yellow eyes and the other a small, brown, rabbit that also had yellow eyes. They plummeted to the ground, which began to dematerialize. The dimensional walls were still unstable and the death of Jedah caused them to fall furthers, through an empty void and crash into a boiling sea.

Nearly all humans die within their first day in Makai, by Ryoko was not human. She and her rabbit soon surfaced, crawling on shore. Lying on her gut, Ryoko smiled as she saw a red gem sitting on top of the gray sands in front of her face. Ryoko reached out for it but a heavy wet paw came down on her head, pushing her face into the grain.

Standing on Ryoko was a 6'6 350 pound bipedal, two armed creature completely covered in thick blue green fur. Its eye's were black pits, similar to hole's in a skull and looked down on Ryoko and then at Ryo-Ohki. "Are these what you call chicken?" The creature turned back to another who looked just liked it, which was running from behind. Their mouths were full of nasty little razors. "Naw, dis little thing's a goat and the big one's a human I think or maybe a cow." The other responded. "Whatever, I bet they'd be fine chair broiled, or barbecued, buta part of me wants to keep em as pets for findin my favorite marble." said the first, turning and grabbing the red gem, still keeping the paw on Ryoko's head.

As the furry pawed biped was scraping up the gem a glowing rod burst through the chest of the beast. Ryoko had impaled it with an energy rod she formed in her hand while still face planted. The beast fell over dropping the gem and she slowly rose to her feat, venting. The other spit blast of blue flames at Ryoko as she was grabbing the gem. She disappeared right as the flames were touching and beheaded the other beast from behind.

Ryoko then floated up into the air to survey the dim world she had come to then closed her fist tightly around the gem and felt her powers magnify. "Two more." she said out loud. The rabbit Ryo-Ohki shook the excess water from its fur then let out a piercing shriek expected from a cat as it leaped into the air and suddenly underwent a radical metamorphosis, changing from rabbit to a large geometric vessel.

It was a giant red gem with four brown spires shooting from the top of it and three more from the bottom, which held it up from the ground. Ryoko flew off and the vessel rose from the ground and followed her through the skies. Unknown to Jedah, he had released two beings who would only contribute to the ruin of the land he tried to save. His new dimension collided with the special prison for the space pirate Ryoko and sent her right to the land where the gems that gave her strength had been scattered...

It was a city that had been forgotten over centuries of war. During the same period the vampire Demitri had been banished from Makai to the human world through Jedah's gate. Demitri now casually walked through a decayed building, trying to find an old enemy of his. He walked into what was once a bathroom following a sent, but it was a lure. From behind came a rocket that whizzed by Demitri's shoulder and blew away the wall in front of him, letting in the light of the setting sun.

Demitri through his cloak over himself to shield from the light as another rocket struck him in the back and he disappeared in an explosion. From behind the young girl, BB Hood, stood holding a rocket launcher and laughed out loud, but was silenced as a completely undamaged Demitri burst from the smoke left behind and caught her around the neck. Demitri then tossed her through the hole she had made in the wall and the hunter fell 5 stories.

An aura came around Demitri as he walked back into the light and jumped out of the building. "It might have worked a month ago." he taunted. He normally drained humans stupid enough to attack him but BB. Hood was a different case. Her soul was too twisted to be controlled and her blood was bitter. This time Demitri was simply going to squash the pest.

Un-fazed by the drop BB.Hood immediately unloaded on Demitri with an oozy even though she knew it was pointless. Demetri completely ignored the bullets as he ripped a slap of concrete from the cracked street he planned to crush her with. Demiti soon forgot about BB Hood though as he sensed a familiar presence.

Morrigan, the Succubus he lusted after more than any other. Miles away on the outskirts of the dead city Morrigan had collapsed in the shadow of a building. Her father Belial had felt the coming of a great threat to his lands. But the once powerful ruler was dying and could not confront the enemy. Morrigan was told of her early past, of the power that would pass to her once Belial's life ended, all she had to do was keep a small gem away from invaders until it came out.

Morrigan's power did not increase as expected however and the aliens were too much her or anyone else to handle. Coughing up blood, she staggered through the gate to the human world with the gem but Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki had made short work of Belail's soldiers and pursued.

Demitri had arrived to see Morrigan dangling, stabbed through the middle by one of the top spires of the vessel Ryoko sat on, holding her second power gem and laughing. The scene filled the vampire full of rage. Some of it was of his property, the rage of monetary theft or a carjacking, but also was a feeling that had never before crossed Demitri's mind. Something that came from seeing something he wanted so badly in such an insulting position. His obsession with Morrigan was probably the closest the vampire would ever come to love.

As Ryoko felt her power increase again, she was suddenly knocked to the ground on her side as her ship, Ryo-Ohki, tipped over. She sprung to her feet to see Demitri slowly walking over the tipped vessel toward her with a frightening smirk, showing one of his fangs...

Night has just fallen, so Demitri does not have to concentrate on keeping up his sunlight defenses. He is also at full power.

Ryoko has the power of one or two of her gems. Ryo-Ohki will not get involved in this match.(If she does, then assume Demitri was too much for Ryoko to handle)
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